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reading old yahooka again ,lol.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. lol

    wow looks just like grasscity, all them names sides last one are very familiar ;)
    yahooka must have been pritty great in its prime.
  2. critter...:rolleyes: figures youd pull that one. are ya tryin ta make me look
    ya know that was one fun,fun,funny day.
    how bout the one where i cooked my toaster in the oven? an had to buy thanksgiving dinner from
    that sucked too.

  3. LMAO, ? WTF how? haha sorry for laughing but id have to be pretty damn high to confuse toaster with turkey, although one time i lost my TV remote for about 3 days until i went to get the last littme bit of ice cream and found the remote inside the ice cream bucket where my scooping spoon usually is.

    Yeah i remeber when yahooka used to be all rad, before all you cool people left. it's cool now at tha city tho, hell yeah.

  4. i guess i dont need me mate to make me look stupid eh?
    well it WAS a long time ago but it went sumthing like, eh i guess the oven is not the best place to store your unsightly toaster. or anyother plastic thingies.
    i uh, was storing a few things in the oven an well i guess tthis is where the stoner part came in, i cooked my toaster along with a few large plastic things at 350degrees for abouuuut 10 minutes before FIRE happened and plastic dripped everywhere an, did i mention fire.eek
    lol an uuugh the fumes....
    sooooo, now i no longer store things in the oven. :D
    its okay for laffin at me, im still laffin at you for losing your remote in an icecream

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