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  1. Hi all sorry for such a silly question but being new to this and this being my first grow i thought it best to ask.

    I'm currently using a foxfarm nutrients and I read their schedule, as i read it it to me says on a weekly basis to add what is said, or am i reading this wrong and i should be dumping the water and nutrients and starting a fresh weekly.

    If i am reading this wrong i know it will burn the plant so i thought it best to ask a few pros,

    Thanks in advance
  2. Change your water every three weeks . The plants eat the nutrients out of the water. So keep your resivore filled and watch water consumption. First grow on hydro good luck brother .

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  3. If you look at the ppm for the week, that is the target. They have you set up so each week you have a slightly stronger ppm. If your ppm is over the taget just add water and be aware your plants are not using what you are giving them. If your ppm is below target increase nute. Always keep reservoir fresh and oxygenated. Stagnation causes lack of oxygen for the benefical microbes that actually do all the work.
  4. I use the apera pc60 pen, i was told there is a few ways of doing the ppm (i have read there is a possible 3 different ways of calculating ppm) i do t know which i should be looking for on this pen, should i just go by ec? The pen can read 900 say which im guessing is 0.9 as it'll go to 1.2 etc
  5. Whooooaaaahhh bro!
    Not bein funny but that is the worst feeding schedule ive ever seen.
    500-600ppm for seedlings will kill them.
    800-900ppm for first week in the res will also kill them. Ive never had a plant feed over 1200ppm and the ones that get close to that fill a square metre by themself.
    Wow! Im actually in disbelief that they print that.
    I dont exactly see eye to eye with daggerstrain there but im sure even youll agree with me on this one.
    Best to find somebody with a bit of experience that uses those nutes and see how they do it.
    If the ppm measurements are accurate to what they turn out as that will honestly ruin you from day 1 mate.
    Seedlings need nothing other than water for a week while you root them up in rockwool or whatever your planning to use.
    After that 100ppm for a week.
    Then the requirements go up roughly 100ppm per week.
    They peak in late veg then start dropping from about week 4-5 in bloom.

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  6. When in flowering how would I give the plant what it need, like i know the plant needs more potassium and pohourus to the nitrogen, so how to do you change this? This is why i am relying on the schedule
  7. I could give you some reasonably accurate, educated guess but ive never used those nutes so itd still be a bit off a guess. youd be better off finding someone who uses them.
    Ill go post in uk growers and see if i can find someone. Usually pretty busy in there :)

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  8. The products on the list contain added P and less N as you add them over the course of a grow. .
  9. DWC is the only way I grow, i change my res every 7 days, also that schedule is crazy
  10. Thats the thing though. The N is in the 2 products at the top and it doesnt go down. All the sched says is too up the pk and leave the npk from the base veg nutes at full strength.
    Theyre popular nutes so im asuming theres something im missing but from everything im aware of, that says its gonna kill everything it touches.

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  11. to give you an idea of how mental that shedule is Davis, heres my last NFT plant (similar to dwc) at 3 weeks after the flip to 12/12.
    This is where i started dropping the nutes. The most she managed to take without burning upto this point was 1100ppm. that tents a 1.5m x 1.5m.
    Couple weeks after this photo she was down to about 600ppm.
    They dont really get too much bigger than that indoors so i really cant see how the nute shecule can reccomend such a high feed. A plant would need to be a hell of a lot bigger than that to need a 1600ppm feed.
    Ill get to the bottom of it though. Nobodys been on uk growers yet but should get a response in a few hours once they all wake up.
    Theres always a chance theyre just extremely weak nutes but theyre quite popular so i doubt it. tapatalk_1531460420203.jpeg

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  12. IMG_20180712_000450.jpg
    This is 3 weeks old and i have followed the feeding schedule so shes at 800 ppm far too high? Its still on the 18/6 cycle but shes about two inches, doesnt seam to be burning up, same as her sister, no pictures for that one though
  13. Now dont panic cos shes a photo so its easily fixed but id say shes about 7-10 days behind already mate. Theres some brown spots, little white spots, the veins dont look right and looks like shes gearing up to go N tox. I reckon shes about a week away from throwing a tissy fit my mrs would be proud of lol.
    For now id dilute your res by half. She should be able to handle 400 no worries and youll see her brighten up and start growing faster within a few days.

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  14. Thanks dude, itlli be done as soon as the lights come on, I'll do ot with the other one also
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  15. Always best to keep the feed as light as they can handle mate. If they go hungry bits turn yellow. Fixed instantly with an extra dose of whatever and causes very little, if any damage.
    Tox problems can ruin a couple weeks of growth. Fucked my first crop for a month till i sussed it out :(

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  16. It's the ratio that counts. The recommended dose is based on perfect conditions with maxium light.
  17. My profile pic is an auto i grew under pretty much perfect conditions.
    500w led in a square metre.
    Nutes and VPD were kept pretty tight the whole way through.
    Im in NFT so check the ppm etc every day.
    Yielded just over 600g and she never took over 1100ppm. Even that was only for aboht 3 weeks before it started dropping.
    If id filled that space with 4 plants they wouldnt have went over 700ppm.

    I know you dont go by the feed schedule, as do you and every other experienced grower out there but its only inexperienced growers who need them.
    so why would they recommend such rediculous feeds?
    I use dutch pro nutes and theres is a bit over the top but its not that far off other than the last 4 weeks.
    Most other scheds ive looked at are around the same....
    This one is just plain mental.
    Theres no way in hell anyone could produce a succesfull crop using that table no matter how good they were.
    If anyone hasc and can prove it though ill gladly eat my shoe. Ill need to wear a mask but ill do it

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  18. well, funny thing, when I started growing in pure perlite I actually went above the dyn-gro ppm and it is in excess of 1000ppm. When I tried to then veg under a 135 qb 3000k I burnt the poor plant to a crisp whereas under my full spectrum blackdog the seedling were taking 800 ppm. In soil I could never go above 300ppm and that was pushing it. Nute companies are kind of in a bind. If they say too little you try and conclude it's no good. Then there is the grower computing price per teaspoon and he won't buy if it takes that much. That's why the feed chart is mostly a nute philosophy.
  19. I have diluted the sump as said, theres a little more growth but not much, cut all the dead leaves off it, hopefully that will simulate some growth from her, either way thanks for the advice considering this is my firat time, i iave made the vital mistake very early next grow should look better, seeds are in and all

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