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Discussion in 'General' started by IGotTheCottons, Aug 29, 2002.

  1. hey, i've slightly revised/added to my theories about the US gov's involvement in the mideast. this is pretty interesting (at least to me anywayz), and it seems to fit together pretty nice.

    ok... ya know how no countries are backing us, and how several have become allies to Iraq?

    well... this is bad for the gov, 'cause if we attack a lot of people are gonna be mad at 'em... and that's no good

    so we dig up the dirt on saddam that say's he's got al queida/taliban ties... this turns the tables and make's it more acceptable for us to attack 'cause the world hates the taliban

    now... i'm sure the gov knew about saddam's ties to the taliban way before recently... so here's what they do. they plan 9-11 (or just let it happen) to gain the countries backing for 'a war against terrorism' (which just so happens to be against afghanistan)... they know of Iraq's involvement with the taliban which means they can later attack Iraq if they want

    now... why would they wanna do this you ask?

    what is it that the mideast has that we are running out of?

    if you're thinking oil, you're exactly right. whoever controls the oil holds the power. the mideast sits ontop of 1/4 of the world's oil supply and the US government would love to control this oil. with afghanistan, iraq, and iraq's allies out of the way, the US would have control over a very large portion of land in the mideast that it can do whatever it wants with... and under this land sits a whole lot of oil just there for the taking... funny how this all seems to fit so perfectly together. even down to the minute details of 9-11. how they had planes in the air to intercept (a dead give away they knew it was coming), and how these planes fell just short (how convenient) of taking out the jets...

    think about it ;)
  2. I don't want to believe that we had anything to do with our own horrible tragedy but Cottons is right on with the oil. We need it. We want it. We'll try to get it.

    We can't drill for it where it exists in newly discovered places here in the US because of environmentalists and their agendas...and don't get me wrong, I am all for saving as many species as we can and keeping our environment in tact, but the simple fact is that we need to become more self-sufficient and that can't happen as long as we are so caught up in saving a bug or we depend on other countries for our supply of oil...or anything else for that matter.

    As far as Saddam goes, I think he and his family should have been taken out a long time ago. What I hate about us going in there now is the bloodshed. I don't want to hear about our boys dying over there because of Saddam. Especially if Saddam ends up alive and well in the aftermath, because it would have all been for nothing.
  3. Just one thing though. Saddam doesn't have any ties to the Taliban. As a matter of fact they hate him more than we do. Osama bin Laden said that Saddam was not a true Muslim. Do we really need a good reason to go in there and take the guy out?

    I like Zia's take on it.

  4. gasoline is made by processing crude oil... so without foreign oil we have to go and drill alaska ('cause we're running out)... electric cars are too expensive for the general public to buy, and synthetic oils are for lubrication in engines... not gas... and we don't have cars that use natural gas yet... that's primairly for heating houses and stoves... stuff like that...

  5. saddam has ties to al queida
  6. Do you honestly believe that? Osama has publicly called for his death too.

    My point is why do we have to make up a reason.
  7. Well as far as the by-product of oil...i.e. petrol, there have been 2 men in Britain who have invented a car that would run on water...yip pure h2o but they were bought out by big oil companies....even if they were not to sell i doubt if they would have lived to market they're great doubt this engine has been built in other countries as well but the oil companies have the patent on for iraq....why the hell didn't they just finish the job the first time??....the answer is that it's better the devil you know than the one you don't...they were worried that if they took him out someone even worse and possibly more intelligent would replace him....if you have listened to the news Donald Rumsfeld has been teeing it up for weeks now....first it was weapons of mass destruction he was building and now it's harbouring terrorists......look at the bigger picture....Bush aint doing too well back home with the economy...and i'm sorry to say it but there's nothing better to get you're economy on track than a small war.....more production of arms....more jobs created....more power given to the govt for a war and emergency funding.....look at Maggie Thatcher and the Falklands war....What the hell did we need with a tiny island off the coast of Argentina with nothing on it?? got the economy on track and got her re-elected.........If madass hussain has any weapons of mass destruction, then when the Americans and British attack he'll hit Israel for being the closest that is an American Ally....Peace out....Sid

  8. i'm going by what they've been saying all over the news... if he doesn't, than they're pinning it on him to gain support for the war... so either way it works. i like Sid's view on things as well. i must admit, the economy wasn't something i was thinking much about. just look at WWII and what it did for our economy.

  9. oil sure

    but what about water?

    if a few years more people will be fighting each other
    forwater rights than oil rights

    there are droughts going on all over the place

    if the US kicks everyones ass now

    noone will argue with us over the next crisis

    there will be a water problem

    and the more contreys we controle

    the better our positions will be

    alot like the old "great brittin"

    or roam not satisfied with what we have we need to gobble up more and more
    untilll we have it all

    it is the american way

    and if killing off a few inocents is nessasary
    then they wont hesatate

    ask anyone who has fought in a war
    for the us what happens to
    anyone who stands in the way
    inocent or not
  10. sh*t man... Iv been saying that since the day it happened everyone is like: if you dont like it, then leave!

    ass holes!!!!
  11. Water probably covers up to 3/4 of the earth's surface... The problem is getting it there. Which only matters now because it's people and not business. Sick but probably true.

  12. i hear ya on that one man. i gripe and complaina bout the government and how much they screw over the rest of the world, and all i get is "if you don't like it, go somewhere else"

    off that subject... did ya hear iraq now has the support of RUSSIA... the US when it goes to the United Nations meeting will ask for russia's neutrality... but i don't think it will happen. they don't like us, but they can't afford to wage war with us because of their economy... but the mideast (iraq and it's allies) can... so russia sides with them, lets them use their massive stockpile of weapons (in exchange for maybe a little oil to help boost their economy again) and boom... bye bye US of A :) that would be pretty interesting to see unfold, don't ya think?
  13. 1- where else you gonna go: no where is safe from moron man.

    2- Interesting is one way of putting it.... fucking horrifying is another- just like all war.

  14. Or Woody's back ;)

  15. I read a few articles from over the past few years that seem to support this. Secret meetings in Czechoslovakia were mentioned as well as money being transferred.
  16. i think we should give gorge a big stick
    and put him in a room with the leaders
    of all the contrys he wants to make war on
    and give them each also a stick

    whoever makes it out alive is the
    new ruler of the world!!!!

    got to be at least as fair
    as our elections
  17. i think george bush is a dumbass and should be lit on fire by the devils piss.

    have you seen the pictures they get of this guy?!

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