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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by pooponastick, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. from the day of it's release, the makers of superbud, dutchmaster, claim no harmful ingredients are used in its manufacture. today i find out that sb uses a pesticide used in the hydroponic lettuce industry, untill being banned as it contains
    have we been had?????? independent analysis says yes.
    the inventor looked tm in the eye and stated that there was definatley no harm full additives. holy shit, they lied by the looks of it.
    steven carruthers, owner of the publication "hydroponics aust" found out and stands to loose alot of advertising revenue blowing their cover. he feels it his duty to the public to make info(as my duty to tell yous). dutchmaster spend big dollars with him, not for long by the looks of it. good on him. the hydro industry is well pissed off here as they pride themselves on a pesticide free grows. this WILL smear the industry.
    this is hot off the press.
    PLEASE DON'T PANIC!!! i have stopped using it today though.
    the full report of this product will be available to me next week.
    sorry, please don't shoot the messenger!!!!!!
    if this is rite i am going to call for a ban on dutchmaster products for missleading us.
    There are tests going on right now from what i understand to prove/disprove these claims, i will keep you all up to date.
  2. HIGH All, good thread pooponastick (*LOL* pooponastick)...I rember years ago some company put something in their ferts to show up in the plant when was easier for them to see the plants emitting this shit. Don't know if it was was a few years ago.

    Keep us updated on this one.
  3. l use that shit ....Like woody/unoit[hey all you forieners look the same to me ,lol] said ,keep us updated if ya can please.

  4. HIGH All, well unoit and woody come pretty close to looking the same......*LOL* critters pick up that bong and put that port down *LOL*.
  5. hmmm that stuff is royally expensive and now we find out its bad for ya hmmm that right out fucked.
    oh well.
  6. SB is gone!!!!!!! If anyone wants more info, please contact me, i cannot post some of the info publicly.

  7. why wouldn,t you be able to post imformation ??

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