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  1. I drink to adapt to the insanity of every day life.

    I think I thought that up. I'm drunk and so stoned. I thought it was powerful for an alcoholic like myself. I love all of you. We will make it. We will make in this hard life, please have faith in the unknown.
  2. if i had more money id be a full time alcoholic, no joke.
  3. I used to drink. Actually, I was an alcoholic at a really young age, probably 16 or 17. It wasn't until I was 18 that I really got back into marijuana and stopped drinking.

    Honestly, I like it a lot more this way.
  4. woooh drugs and dranks
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    I came up with a quote similar to this a few years ago.

    "Sanity is my illness and weed is my medication" - Flemian.
  6. Lol fuck Alcohol I use prescriptions and Weeed.

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