Read this. The cops in my town are enforcing laws that don't exist!

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  1. This is not a marijuana news story, but it's war on drugs bullshit so I think it still belongs here. Basically the cops are going to shops that sell spice and asking them to "voluntarily" remove it from their shelves until the laws can be passed to ban it.

    It's fucking bullshit! It's cops knocking on doors and telling people how to to live, what to buy, sell and consume. In a word.... Fascism. - Unified police on mission to get rid of Spice

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    Why are they comparing heroin to herb? If only they could take a step back and see how hypocritical it all really is.

    This is the code they are talking about...

    Utah Code

  3. Wow, cops crack down on everything now don't they? soon they're gonna ban cat nip.
  4. Yeah that line really pissed me off too.

    That's Utah for you.

    I don't even know what to say.
  5. Why don't they ask liquor stores to close up shop to prevent car crashes and "overdoses"?
  6. Ya fuck these punks. If there is no law banning the substance then they should be allowed to sell it until there is.
  7. Well obviously tobbacco, alcohol, and prescription meds have no potential for intoxication, addiction and abuse...
  8. Haha yea they use all that shit...lotsa drunk cops, on vicodin, smoking the shit outta some cigs right now.
  9. Heh, this law just came into passing in Ireland. All of the legal high substitutes? BANNED.
  10. Banned in UK to. No scientific testing or discussion. The drug war and successful indoctrination of the general public into the hypocrisy of banning more substances while still selling alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals amazes me. Well done propaganda and the sheeple it works on.
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  11. All those products are required by law to have warnings on them.

    Medication must include pamphlets warning of known interactions as well as safe guidelines for administration, furthermore they're supply is restricted by prescription. Tobacco and alcohol both have age limitations, and sellers can be fined for breaching the laws of sale to minors.

    Spice has none of these restrictions because the producers and sellers chose to circumvent the process of making their product legal and taxable. Its no wonder that it will be banned.
  12. Before you think I'm all "pro fascist pigs" i should point out what the cops are doing atm is dodgy as fuck.

    If i was a Shop owner I'd tell them politely to piss off unless they want to compensate me for the cost of the products they want me to remove from my shelves ;)

    Wholesalers dont usually take to well to thier products being returned for no good reason, and I'm sure many of these small buiseness taking spice off the shelves won't be compensated after caving in to the pressure the police are applying.
  13. Why would anyone want to use this stuff? It's laced with a chemical and chemicals are bad for the body.
  14. that chemical is a synthetic cannabinoid, they claim.

    really the only reason i can find is drug testing and drug courts issues.
  15. Well in Ireland they firebombed all the headshops that sell legal highs lol
  16. i was one of the first people to be kicked out of the navy for using spice
  17. Why do morons rule the world?
  18. Becuase the democratic system allows uneducated people to vote?

    Getting alittle off topic tho, no?
  19. Ya man, you don't want cats out mousin while their high.:D

  20. :rolleyes:

    all chemicals are bad, especially that thc shit

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