Read this story and help me PLEASE serious shit

Discussion in 'General' started by syntax13, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Alright this is the end of this thread, it is the morning after, I'm calm and collected, and I was on adderall and just freaking out last night. Thanks for helping me out though.
  2. You're free to go. Someone phones in a car break in, the cops don't even show up, take the complaint and go home. It sucks

    b) Grow the fuck up.
  3. Shit man you must be paranoid as shit haha... don't trip at all man it's not free to do fingerprint lab testing and the prints are probably covered up by now anyways...

    Also, this is really not serious shit man... if you're 18 they'll like fine you and it'll go on your record possibly... at most

    But it won't happen anyways.

    edit: Jonsi beat me to it
  4. i am 18, kids i was with were underage except for 1 my age who also didnt steal shit. And please don't tell me to grow up, these people are friends of mine and yeah i know they steal shit but thats not gonna change so i chill with them anyway
  5. Well, I dont think you were suspects at the time, hence why he didnt search you guys. The crimes were reported in the morning and the cop probably remembers talking to 4 guys out after curfew. If he got your names you might get questioned again, but Im not sure if there going to dust the cops phone for fingerprints.
  6. Your fine but fuck your friend. Have you ever got you car broken into?

    FUKK :mad:

    I hope he gets caught. Dumbass
  7. Sorry to hear your shit got stolen, but really right now all I care about is if my friend is gonna be scared as fuck for him.
  8. He deserves it if he gets caught.

    If he's not going to have friend's to give an intervention and help him stop stealing, maybe going to jail is the only way that will.

    Smoking marijuana is a victimless crime
    Breaking into cars and stealing shit has it's victims.

    You're not going to find much sympathy I feel.... because as Lebowski asked, have you ever had your car broken into?
  9. Wow your tripping balls over absolutely nothing man. You are fine and so is your friend. I find it funny when people get themselves so paranoid that they convince themselves that some washedass cop is gonna check his cell for prints because he saw some kids out after curfew not even doing illegal.
  10. To stop being a dick though,

    Everyone is right here. You are paranoid. Like I said, if the cops get a call about a car break in over the night, they just take a complaint over the phone, and don't dispatch anyone. If they did, they'd be pressed for time when a real crime is commited, such as someone smoking marijuana in a park. So don't be paranoid, your friend is okay; this time.

    And plus, like everyone else said, they will not check the cops phone for prints, he probably doesn't even know the he touched it. The only way prints would get him in trouble is if he has his prints registared... but I 99.999999% guarentee they won't even dispatch someone and even if they do, they WON'T search for prints.
  11. Thanks a lot for the info guys. I know that what they had been doing was wrong and yeah, I agree wholeheartedly that is a real shitty thing to do. I decided that tomorrow I'm definately gonna talk him out of ever doing that shit again...because just because I was hanging out with him that night I'm involved, and I'm worried too.

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