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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by bud stuffer, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. my love is sweet and tender
    never causes me pain
    she has crimson hair of fire
    but is gentle as the rain

    an aura glows around her
    as she reaches towards the sky
    i caress her gentley
    for just her presence gets me high

    but to take it one step further
    is my hearts desire
    thats right... i love sweet mj
    and to toke her gets me higher

    hope you guys liked it
  2. Yeah right, we all know this poem is about me ;)
  3. you got me, what can i say
  4. thats cool, i like it
  5. In all honesty I think my presence only gets you high becauseYou have my trusty cloud confused with an aura ;)

  6. whoa, i never thought of that, you've gotta be right.

    thanks ray
  7. No problem ;)
  8. well that thanks was directed to ray, but i definatly think you deserve a one as well, getting me all high with your cloud to the extent that i thought it was an aura, you must be smoking some good shit.

    many thanks
  9. That wasn't about the thanks, it was about the enlightenment, I'm glad to enlighten you on my version of the truth any time ;) Sorry, next time i'll be more specific.
  10. thanks for the enlightenment, i am always in search of aditional wisdom and various forms of hightened feelings. any other words of wisdom to give one, who is entranced by your intoxicating "aura"
  11. UUUUUUmmmm............. sure. It's not really a good idea to eat mushrooms many days in a row. If something just isn't hitting right, poke it. Never bring a weapon to a public school. and finally, if you get pulled over stick it down your pants ;)

    Oh yeah and if your smoking pot in downtown, make sure your not in front of a fire station *lol*
  12. lol, best advise i have gotten in a long time, short of keep your pinky out of the pencil sharpener.:)
  13. Who says you don't learn anything in high school ;)
  14. **removes his finger from the pencil sharpener**

  15. kick ass man, did you write it>?
  16. this kicks ass, did you write it?
  17. yeah i wrote it, thanks for the compliment.
  18. I agree man, very good!! You've got some skills bud stuffer!!
  19. thanks, it is easy to write about something that you feel so passionatly about

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