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  1. Seems like this is a pointless section as most the people asking questions haven't been helped but I'll give it a try. I can't upload pics on the new app. It works on a different phone but not this one. Everytime I attach a pic it loads but doesn't pop up in the text and has an empty blue bar at the bottom. Might be the settings on my phone or something. If anyone had this problem and fixed it help a brother out
  2. Re posted in the can't upload image thread too. Yall can delete this one if someone helps me over there where more people will see it if they have the same problem

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  3. It has zero relevance with the app. Please apply what is suggested in the notice

    1. Hello Blades,
      If you are using the Grasscity Forums iOS Application, you maybe experiencing loading issues. If you see this behaviour, please clear your App Cache from the settings menu and try to logout/login to correct the issue.
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  4. Back in business[​IMG] thank ya!! Forgot I did this on the other phone but not this one.
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