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Read This: It Might Keep You From Getting Busted

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CannedSpam, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. Are there any lawyers on this forum? I have a legal question that pertains to the police and entrapment issues.

    Last week there was noticeable paranoia on this forum due to a nationwide DEA drug bust roundup of date-rape drug sellers. First of all, this is a doobie forum--not a date-rape drug forum--so I don't know why everyone was so freaked out unless there were some indications that some anonymous jokers (cops?) were attempting to procure date-rape drugs from this forum.

    I have no doubt that various piggies (slang for 'police' for those of you born after the 1960's) browse around this forum from time to time looking to stir up some shit. But are they of any real danger?

    Whatever happened to entrapment laws? I know that in the old days, if you were about to score some doobie from someone whom you didn't know very well, all you had to do was say, "Are you a law enforcement officer or do you have any affiliations with any law enforcement agency?" That was all you had to do. The courts had ruled that cops MUST identify themselves IF they were asked the above question.

    I'm wondering if that rule still applies. Recently on an episode of the tv show COPS, the piggies were sending out female undercover cops as prostitutes. I noticed that some of the smarter 'johns' were a bit suspicious by the undercover piggies and they would ask them, "Are you a police officer?" The interesting thing is that the piggies would never answer the question directly. Instead they would say, "Do I look like one?" or something equally evasive. By using that reply I wondered if the old rule was still in-effect because they were obviously attempting to evade the question due to entrapment issues.

    I have a hunch that the rule still applies and I am not a lawyer but I would advise anyone to always ask the question if suspicious, "Are you a police officer or do you have any affiliation with any law enforcement agency?"

    Until that joker gives you a direct "NO, I AM NOT A POLICE OFFICER NOR AM I AFFILIATED WITH ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY"---then I wouldn't say or do anything. (The section where you ask about their "affiliation" is to cover anyone who might be a narc or working for the pigs.)

    Anyway, is there anyone here who knows if this rule still applies?
  2. this is a rather shady issue that was covered on one of the cheaptalk @ forums a whlie back. There's a cop that hangs around there but is actually in good standing since he gives good information and is very open about it. from what I remember he said that cops can find ways to avoid the question easily without breaking any laws. I looked for the specific thread but couldn't remember the name, especially since I don't think it started out being specifically about that subject. simply put, if you were doing something illegal in the first place they can often get away with stuff by coming up with probable cause after they illegally avoid a question.

    ps I'm 19 and i've heard plenty of people call cops 'pigs'. I don't know where you got the notion that young people wouldn't. Plus it's just kind of mean ya know? I've had neighbors and friend's that were cops and they were really nice people. one of them used to give out dollar bills on holloween. he drank a lot too so I'd be able to go back multiple times and he wouldn't remember me :)
  3. yeah but u knew him as a person not as a cop cause most cops i've had experiences with are fucking assholes and fully deserve the title PIG

    and since your on this site i'd assume that u want weed legalized right?

    it's not and cops enforce that so whatever the case is regarding their personality we've been placed on different sides of the struggle to bust and to not get busted

    furthermore if a cop(pig) catches u "abusing weed" he is only required by his job to bust u but theirs usually no one looking over his sholder making him so it is his own personal choice to bust you

  4. I wouldn't rely on that "are you a cop? no" stuff to keep you out of jail. There are situations where police are allowed to lie to you to achieve thier goals. All entrapment means is that they can't encourage or force you to commit a criminal act that you otherwise wouldn't. Example:

    1) Undercover officer stands on the side of the road looking like a dealer in a sting to bust buyers. 2) Potential buyer rolls up to the officer and strikes up a conversation. 3) At this point the officer CANNOT offer to sell anything to the buyer unless the buyer asks first. 4) The officer can say things like "what do you need?" or "what are you looking for?" but can't say "you want some crack?" 5) It is up to the buyer to initiate the criminal act. 6) If you watch COPS closely and listen to what the undercover cops say, they always wait for the suspect to bring up sex for money or buying or selling drugs.

    The best rule of thumb is not to do business with people you don't know unless someone you do know and trust can vouch for them.

  5. ^^^WHAT HE SAID^^^



  6. Sorry for bumping such an old thread, but I was wondering the same thing.. and nobody really answers it. So, does anybody know the answer to this?
  7. All of these tips are so very wrong, I'm actually scared

    Police DO NOT have to identify themselves if they are undercover
    What's the purpose of being undercover if you have to tell someone you're a cop? It's a fundamentally flawed myth. No court ever ruled that a cop has to do this.

    It is NOT entrapment if a cop asks you to sell them drugs or sex
    It's only entrapment if you were not predisposed to do the activity. If you refuse to sell an officer drugs and he continues to coerce and force you, then it's entrapment because the cop basically forced you to commit the crime...and there's nothing in the law about slang or waiting for the suspect to initiate the transaction.

    Do yourselves a favor and take a class or two in criminal justice and you can ask your professor these questions. You'll get the truth instead of legal loopholes invented by a group of stoners who think they've seen a good amount of COPS episodes.
  8. Game. Set. Match.
  9. why would you say something so stupid, fuck the police, yeah ok my wife's highway patrol and she blazes with me everynight!!!!!!

  10. what the fuck? if you are nice to cops and cooperative (know your rights, but you can still be cooperative) they will be nicer to you and might even let you off some of the tickets (such as only charging you for possession instead of paraphenilia too) if you start off being a dick to him you're fucked, but if you're nice it'll be a different story.
    there are tons of things we need cops for, so don't just say fuck the police.
  11. i hate to be mean and blunt, but you guys are straight dumbshits

    prolly the worst you could say is some cops are on a power trip, but really they are risking their lives to protect us, so maybe if they act like a dick to some fucking dirty highschool pothead you could get over it

    no one ever likes the people who disipline them but a thinking group of individuals should be smart enough to get over that and give them the respect they deserve, its not their fault for doing there job which is for you, they didnt make the often flawed rules...
  12. i agree with the statement fuck the police. that doesn't mean that i'm not polite and address them as "sir" or "ma'am". in some areas, yes they do put their lives on the line. those are also the places where they tend to leave you alone unless you are doing something that harms another person or property. that's why i usually go to the inner city to buy my weed. the cops there don't bother you. now where i live, i've gotten accosted by undercover police officers for walking down the street with my hood over my head on a mild day.
  13. and that ruined your life? you guys arent hard or thugs or any shit like that. you werent trying to sell crack to feed your 5 kids and got busted and beat the shit out of and went to jail for 5-10... so where do you come of trying to be some g like "FUCK THE POLICE!"
  14. damn i thought peewee herman was joking when he asked boston george that in blow... hah

  15. I couldnt agree more. My cousin is a police officer and he has pulled over people he didnt know were my friends, and been completely chill to them because they showed him respect and didnt act like they were a bunch of hard asses. If you dont give them a reason to fuck you over (most of the time) they will be cool.
    But they do risk their lives for the common citizen, and deserve due respect.
  16. Uhmm.. how exactly do cops risk their lives? If cops risk their lives "protecting citizens" then I risk my life walking down the street. There are tons of jobs that are much more dangerous than being a cop.. they are cocksuckers with a badge and gun that think they're badass.. if they were normal people and they acted like they do they would get their asses beat. My cousin is a cop and one of the coolest people I know, but this is rarely the case. Of course not all cops are going to be assholes on a powertrip, but unfortunately it's true more than not.
  17. True.

  18. Ahh you fuck the police people crack me up.

    It's not there fault marijuana is illegal, they have to do there job just like anyone else.
  19. People don't hate the police because weed is illegal.. nobody even said that, people hate the police because they will lie and break the law to get you in trouble.. and they think they're badass because they have "authority".
  20. TROOF

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