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  1. im growin a tomato plant, and right now it's a little seedling..

    in a party cup..

    so, I was thinking of transplanting it into a 3/4 gallon pot(I know, I want it under a foot and I'm scroging it).
    When I transplant it should the soil it is transplanting into be wet or dry.. considering that I already watered the seedling this morning..


    answer quickly fellows tomato lover
  2. Good morning Mr Jah!

    I always transplant into moistened soil, not soaking or muddy mind you, just moist and if you have a little bit of B1 to add to the water you use to moisten it with, so much the better. After transplant, a good idea is a foliar spray with a 5 ml B1, ( I use a brand called Thrive Alive) to a quart of water. This will reduce the shock of transplanting.
  3. B1 eh?.. sounds good man, thanks a lot, and fantastic morning to your Mr. Medicine

  4. ya, i tend to get best results with soil thats been moist for a day* and is kept in the same room (and more importantly i think, temperature) as the seedling and it's soil. some scientist will likely come tell you that doesnt really matter... but thats just my experience.

    *moist for a day. like medicine al said... moist. not soaking or muddy (i've made that mistake alot of times). overwatering kills faster and more often than underwatering.

    all the best for your and your toms. :)

    care to tell us what type they are?

    scrog!? outdoors!?

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