read this i cant really put a title up for this haha!

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    hey everyone well whenever im fairly high on weed i see through like a glass thing.

    like im sure some of you will understand me but thers like futuristic helmets for soldiers right and the glass infront of them displays their health and the map (HUD) and shit like that in games if you know what i mean.

    anyway i when im pretty fried i see things as if i have one of those hellmets on its not that intense its only slight but things form into other things.

    i had a thread last week about me trippin balls off weed but after today i realised i see this as well haah.

    it could be HPPD?! i think itis becase its fucked up holmes

    sorry about spelling im in a rush !
  2. Ha damn i wish i could get that high, I can't say I've ever experienced that! But it sounds pretty sweet :D
  3. haha yeah its pretty sweet.

    nearly every time i get high and my bed is messy i can see kudos from the simpsons flying towards me for some fucked up reason. but it onlymanages to stay on my bed lol
  4. oh and for me its not a matter of how high i am its just a matter of my relaxation :D

    i swear im the luckiest stoner haha
  5. I want some of what your'e smokin' on, bud!
  6. haha honestly bro its just slightly above average weed. :D im just lucky
  7. hahha i used to get that high where i would eventually hallucinate...

    took quite a lot to get that far tho...

    how much have you Blazed hahah? :smoking:
  8. haha well the most ive ever had is 14 bowls and i only need 1 to get high i have the worlds lowest tolerance! :) and i love it.

    haha well all i need is 2 bowls and i can start seeing shit. For example theres a bush and it forms into a skull with a top hat on it and the leafs look like ps2 controllers DONT ASK I KNOW ITS FUCKED HHAHA.
  9. yooo lol do you have a screen name ?? LOL :smoking:
  10. shit sounds like me when i get an out of body experience for 3 days after getting some hydro/napalm mix

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