read this god dammit people

Discussion in 'General' started by brian8472, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. who here plays cs or d2 or any of those old school games? list your account name and gateway( if blizzard game) or whatever info it would take to get in touch with ya on the game this can kinda be like a hub for people to quickly meet people to game with good idea no? only time will see
  2. krow2000 (useast)

    i won't be playing d2 until summer because i got too much shit to do at school right now...i gotta find a disc to reload hl on my comp at home, i'm not a big cs player tho
  3. Shouldnt you try this in a gaming forum?
    Remember: Playing games is fucking hard when stoned, and this IS grasscity ;)
  4. I love playing games stoned. When I first bought crimson skies for xbox, I only played online smacked off my ass, and I got really good. Then I got caught and stopped smoking. I tried playing online sober, and then I went from kicking ass to owning everyone. Now i've started smoking again and play worse than I did when I was smoking before I got caught.

    Xbox live has so many stoners on it, it's fun talking to fellow stoners over the headset.
  5. D2 LOD Uswest( DBD_Omnipotent )
  6. I'm trying to start up CS, but I need a cd-key for it, but until then I'm playin' tons of Starcraft(original).
    On Starcraft East I'm: St-O-rK[KoF]
  7. I played cs until i forgot my account name :(

    And i haven't played Diablo for a while, I'd be willing to if someone could help twink out my character :D

    any help??

    oh yeah, this post probly doesn't belong in 'recreational marijuana use', next time plz post stuff like this under general
  8. Agree Krazi, moving to the general forum.
  9. Yah i tried playin some PS2 game with my friends. I dont recall the name. But u have to go killing people in the mob. And well the up and down were backwards. And i was stoned and i had the hardest time aiming my gun at people lol.
  10. methodman460(useast)
    i dont play much d2 nemore but i might start playin more during the summer
  11. well i play d2 right now and wc3 soon to be starcraft again when i get my discs back, ya i think it would be sweet to game if possible my accounts are all brian8472 or brian8472ca :p on us east for all of em as well :p

  12. Some of us have more interests than just smoking weed. We're multi-talented.
  13. Starcraft rules! I play on U.S.East


    Hey krazihare, is that d1 or d2? If its d1 I could hook you up with some really good shit, all of it legit(I dont hack)
  14. Is this for pc or xbox? heh, not that it matters to me, I don't have an xbox anymore, or a pc capable of running it. cool game though... I just hate how these tactical shooters (R6 RS also) go from supposed to be played as a team, to lone wolfs running around like mad trying to rack up kills, and everyone cheating like crazy... really ruins the game. I wish they would be able to make a good squad/tactical game where you can not cheat at all, and where the people have to actually work together. When you play as a team, everything is so much better.
  15. D2 useast acount: raphater6sic6 character: spooneyo
  16. i used to play D2 when i was stoned alot but then i found better things to do when im baked like go outside and look at nature or play frizbee or somthin hahaha

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