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Read Please

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by StonedCrusader, May 31, 2006.

  1. ello

    I took my home drug test and came up with a light pink line for negative, and according to the information packet marijuana is supposed to be the lightest line. That gives me some chance of passing my jobs drug test and I'm stoked. But does anyone know if its true that the labs test cut off is actually 15 nano grams? The home drug test is apparently 50 so I'm wondering if maybe I better chug my cranberry juice tomorrow, and go with the rest of my plan as usual or am I possibly good? I don't know if it was the running, the water chugging or the ridiculous niacin that worked but I sure hope I get my job.
  2. You could chug your heart out but your just going to dilute your test. If thats your plan your going to want to supplement yourself with creatine and vitamin B to help hide the fact that your diluting. If your really concerned, the only real way to get the THC out of your system is to exercise it out. For more detailed information search for a post i made in this thread a couple weeks ago about the same subject.
  3. I've read a few different stories.

    I'm not 100% on this, but if I recall the information correctly, most pre-employement screens are at the 50 level. And only the most elite positions within the government have the level set at the 15 level.

    But please, i beg of someone to post solid proof as to what is correct. In the mean time, I'll be trying to remember where I found this data...

  4. i believe best buy is 40 actually

    just take a detox drink the morning of man, if you are still unsure
  5. Actually the rest of my plan was chug a no fear which has 25 mg of creatine and pop 2 b complex pills. I've got the chugging part down but man I dont know about the cranberry haha. i drank like 3 gulps earlier after my jog and pissed like 7 times.
  6. I'd be so much happier about staying clean if I actually enjoyed Cranberry juice... but i hate it!
  7. yeah cranberry juice cleans ya out good :D

    and i agree with jonsi, i fucking hate it
  8. I took the test today and I doubt I passed. I couldn't even do it midstream because they didnt put me in a bathroom they put me in an examination room. I did drink more than half a bottle of ocean spray cranberry, drank about 70 fl. oz of water and pissed like 9 times before then took a B complex and drank my no fear but still, I doubt it.

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