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  1. I wrote this because my girlfriend of 3 years wanted to take a break only 1 week after she left for college. Im writing music to it now. Tell me what you think.

    False Hope (this is the current title, is it too cheezy?)

    You told me that I was all you ever wanted
    as my ignorant heart believed those words of grace
    But our love was not strong enough
    to withstand the demons of time and space

    Now I'm locked in this box of heartache
    banging at its walls in attempt to escape
    but my fists are not strong enough
    and the room only distorts into new shape

    I let false hope distract me from reality
    The reality that things aren't always as they seem
    So now I cherish everything I find enjoyable
    Fearing that one day I may loose it.

    I wish that I had done something wrong
    atleast then i would have something to blame
    but you left me because of your selfish youth
    something you've yet to proclaim.

    I know I'll be trapped for quite some time
    and then one day i'll finally find a key
    but while in this box I will secretly supplicate
    That you will be the key to set me free.

    Again I've let false hope distract me from reality
    the reality that things aren't exactly as they seem
    so maybe you aren't the key to this box
    and false hope is catching up with me once again

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