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  1. hey is there any possibilitie that you will get a female plant from a bag that you buy from a dealer?

    is there any possibiltie buds grow from a seed grown from a bag?

    i have a couple plants do you think any of them are female? i grew them from seeds from a dealer

    does anyone think if i put pics of plants on here you could determine is male or female?
  2. Its possible.

    Its possible.

    Now how would be able to tell that without seeing them?

    Most likely yes.

    My #1 suggestion would be to start reading man. Your questions and more can be answered relatively easily with a short search.
  3. In theory, a seed has a 50/50 chance of being either male or female. You can grow using the seeds you find in your bags, though the quality will likely not be on par with purchased seeds or clones. If you have a couple plants its possible one or both of them is a female and will produce smokable buds.

    You will not know the sex of the plant until you begin flowering, so any pictures posted now (I assume you are still vegging) would likely not be helpful. When you flower you will see either pistils or pollen sacs (look like bananas). You can search and find several threads on sexing your plants here.

    Hope I was helpful, happy growing!
  4. Not necessarily true about the quality. There is no such thing as "bagseed" per se, it is just a catch-all term to describe any seed that you don't know the origins/genetics of. Kind of like the word "stuff", you know what "stuff" is but there can still be gold and diamond "stuff" and then there's the "stuff" that belongs in the trash. By the same token, you can't characterize "bagseed" other than the fact that it is an unknown.

    Growers get their genetics from somewhere. So for all you know that bagseed could grow some very potent bud. Or it could be ditch weed, or anything in between. Best way to gauge its potential is the bag it came from. Excuse me, that's the second-best way to gauge its potential, the #1 best way is to grow it out.
  5. i grew with "bag seed" and it was great. granted i had no idea what i was doing, i still got a "decent" yield and the bud smoked great!
  6. While it's not necessarily true, think about it like this--more often than not when you find seeds in bags it is because the grower did not care enough to look out for any kill the males. It also seems likely that someone who purchased seeds or clones of a good strain would take care to keep their bud seedless.

  7. say youve got 100 plants, you want to go around and carefully sex all those plants within the first week of flowering? You even going to have time?

    what if you had 500. or 1000.

    what if you had some herms. youd have seeds, but no males.

    my point is, they probably did what they could for them, but its a profit game, and as such they dont get to spend as much time with their crop as we do. to say that seeds = low quality is kinda hollow...
  8. I got some MJ cheap from a dealer once because it had seeds. The grower said he had an undetected hermie in his growroom resulting in seeds. I grew out many of these seeds outdoors with excellent results. All were female and had no tendency to hermie themselves. (female seeds are usually produced by breeding a hermie with a female). If the seeded MJ is a good smoke the seeds should produce at least as good results, perhaps better if you are careful to watch for and remove any males or hermies.
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    Just b/c a grower allowed a female to be pollenated and caused some of the plants to form seeds does not change the genetics of the strain it came from. Remember, seeds from breeders are done the same way, they selectively pollenate a female plant to create the seeds, so it has no effect on the actual genetics of the strain.

    Bagseeds quality IMHO are dependant on 2 factors:

    1. Quality of the bud they came from.

    If the bud is of good quality then you can count on the offspring from these seeds to produce bud of good or even better quality than the bud it came from. Just b/c there are a few seeds in a bag of bud does not mean these seeds will be of poor quality, it is dependent on the strain itself. If the seeds come from good genetics, the seeds will produce good genetics.

    2. The amount of seeds in the buds.

    If there were very few seeds, like say 3-5 seeds in a 1/4 to 1/2 oz, then chances are the seeds are a result of late male sacks showing up during the flowering period that went undetected by the grower which resulted in a few females flowers producing a very small amount of seeds. In most cases these seeds would have a high ratio of female qualities and would produce a higher ratio of females to males. Bagseeds that come from heavily seeded bud usually are the 50/50 and honestly it shows it was either grown outdoors w/ little care or the grower just did not care and let the males go too long.

    There is no way to tell if the plant will be male or female until you grow it out and induce flowering.

    The fact a bag of bud has seeds has no relevence to the quality of bud the seeds will produce. Where do you think purchased seeds come from, do you think they just magically appear. breeders pollenate plants to produce seeds, so if a bag has a few seeds and the bud is of good gentics, it will produce the same quality of bud a purchased seed would of the same strain.

    If the fact that some buds have seeds and these seeds are not as good as purchased seeds, then I have 36 strains of shit seeds b/c I have kept over 30 strains as well as some of my own crosses going for yrs by producing my own seeds from strains I truly enjoyed growing, were potent, possessed various qualites I seek.

  10. in some cases bag seed can blow seed bank seed out the water... imo grow method and technique goes hand in hand with genetics...
  11. So true. Some bag seeds are first or second gen crosses b/c some commercial growers grow several different strains. In other cases, there are some IBL strains that will knock your head off if properly grown out. I have a true IBL Santa Marta Columbian that my bro has kept going since 78, and it is incredible.

    I find my NL #2X5 is better than any of the NL strains available from any seedbank. These are seeds I aquired and kept going by making my own seeds.

    I agree, genetics set the standard for potency, but poor soil, nutes, PH problems, and not giving them the care they need can make even the best seed banks strains worthless. You must give care and make sure the plant is happy. Happy well care for plants produce quality and optimize potency.

  12. xshadowshooter, I totally agree with you that commercial growers don't necessarily take the time to coax the best possible quality out of the plants they grow and that the presence of seeds can be a clear sign of that. Your original comment on quality had to do with bagseed as compared to genetics, and that is what I was commenting on, you just don't know about the genetic quality of the bagseed you have, and possibly it is killer.
  13. Re: OUT-door grow /mix bag seeds no such thing as schwagg just shity growers

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