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  1. I see a couple of questions… let me see if I can assist.

    When vegetating during Winter, of course use the available outside light, and supplement it with 4-6 hours of as many lumens as you can spare ;)

    As for sexing… you'll want to veg the plants until they have at least 5 nodes. You can then take the supplemental lighting away and use the natural 11 hours of sun to induce flowering. After 2 weeks you can re-induce veg by adding-back the supplemental light.

    … and my extra $.02
    You're really gonna want more lumens than a 14w bulb can produce. Mounted in series if necessary. Try a meter and see if you're even close.

    Good Fortune and Grows to You.
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    (Was a male got help in another thread)[/QUOTE']


    Yeah, the other pics were more clear, and allot more mature than the seedlings shown here.
    Sorry about your bad luck.

  3. Gonna try again, just put 10 seeds to germinate hopefully i should get at least 4 females. These genetics are probably fucked up so bad its some bagseed from Jamaica *yawn*

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