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  1. Ok guys i'm looking to start growing, I live in the Caribbean on a island called Grand Cayman... and i'm tired of this disgusting brick weed that the Jamaicans are running here (how we get our weed). I know quite alot about growing through reading and a bit of experience (never harvested yet.)

    I have about 250 seeds that I got out of a q/p and wondering if could possibly produce some chronic bud? (cant get a hold of quality seeds)

    Looking to grow indoor until flowering and only have access to CFLs of low wattage. Want to know if it would be better to do a full outdoor grow?

    and looking for help and guidance through my grow (just put about 15 seeds to germinate on paper towel inside a bag)
  2. Welcome to GC!
    And you certainly could. Bagseed grows can produce some stanky danky buds with all the proper care.
    Are you a medical patient? I'd recommend indoor.
    I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you have.
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    I'm a self prescribed patient :p
    A full indoor grow... I don't really have that as a option because of limited accessibility to HIDs and higher wattage CFLs
  4. What would be a good common soil to use? We don't have stuff like fox farms down here, just stuff like Miracle grow...
  5. is this because you dont have access to any? or that you dont have the budget for it.
  6. Miracle Grow Organic really isn't as evil as some people say if it's the best you can do. If you have a garden store they might have something organic. Can you not order anything online?

  7. it's because this island doesn't really have a purpose for high wattage lights unless it construction, so HID and higher watt CFLs are very hard to come by. (checked many hardware and garden stores already)

    yeah I can order stuff online but it probably wont be here for like 2-3 months if shipping here is even a option

    This island is pretty basic there is really no market down here for advanced material because the few people who garden do it outdoors and just buy random soil to put there plant in the ground if they aren't using soil already in their yard
  8. There are a ton of wealthy people in the cayman islands I have been there a few times... Theirs gotta be that Kush somewhere :)
  9. joeyb your grow sounds like mission impossible. some people think its hard in the states although we can go right down the street to get everything we need. you want to try and your on a island where nothing is easy to get and is weeks away from you ha. i hope for the best and hope you can pull it off. dont get in trouble
  10. from personal experience, putting in the extra money to purchase an HPS light improves the grow 10 fold. I tried CFL for a while, also floro's ... unless you really know what your doing (ive seen some amazing CFL/floro grows) its really hard to get as good of results as you can get with an HPS light.

    i suggest finding a way to get the good equiptment, its well worth it

  11. haha yeah it feels like mission impossible, going try my best to get a dank harvest also going keep this thread updated with my grow. Something tells me this is going be hermaphrodite hell though
  12. Sweetie, you can buy your CFLs online at many places! My first real grow ended up getting me just under 4 ounces, and all with lots of little CFLs!

    Also, before you plant, microwave your seedling's first soil until it is steaming hot! This kills the "damping off" fungus that kills seedlings. Popping your soil into a 250 degree oven for a while will also work, but is way smellier!

    Go for it!

  13. Alright, explained this already i'm aware that i can buy CFLs online but the only problem is with them being shipped here...

    Btw can you tell me a little about your grow. How many CFLs did you have on your grow? what was there wattage? also how many plants did you have?

    and should I do the microwaving outside or will it give off very little odour?

    Sorry for all the questions
  14. Emily's Garden, and a 4 lamp, T-5
    You can bud with this set-up, and timed right, use the vegetating plants for cuttings when going outside is right for you.
    Very simple, and doable on the Moon.

    Good Grows to U!
  15. One sprout came up Saturday still alive bit damaged looking like it will pull through...
    (only 1 seed out of 4 germinated)

    Just put the plant under a 14w CFL under 24/0
    and put about 25 more seeds to germinate
    also signs of bugs but dusting with pyrethrin

    going post pics every week
  16. going to want something more then a 14w cfl! but good luck joey!

  17. Yeah i know there gonna be outdoors eventually so doesn't really matter just getting them a little ways from sprout
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    Week 1

    Is everything looking good? the plant is a little over a inch tall. on 24/0 lighting on 14w CFL. would it just be better to put it outside even though its just 11 hours of light?

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    Can someone tell me if this is a male, think its to young to tell but i think i see pollen sacs.

    1 month 1 week - since sprout
    2 weeks - outdoor

    (Was a male got help in another thread)

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