!! READ globe is warming, but not the way they say.

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  1. ok so we cant lie, its getin hotter.
    they have come up with all sorts of reasons that its geting hotter like
    ozone layer thinning
    too much co2
    greenhouse gases
    that kind of shit, that may not be good for making the world cool down but they are not the main cause of WARMING
    all the biggest scientists and govt peopl are convinced that this is the reason but i am not, my theory is very simple and i believe it is the true reason

    so we drive a car... ya it puts out some co2 but whatever, you start it and WARM it up once it gets hot the thermostat opens and the hot water is run through the radiator to be cooled by the AIR. are you starting to get my point? we burn coal... produces co2 ya but it created a hell of a lot more HEAT than co2
    nucular reactors just get really hot.. heat goes somewhair
    you heat your home, do you heat it up once and it stays hot forever? no, you have to heat it back up in a few hours because the heat expaced into the air.
    not just uesing the fuel to make electricity makes heat, whatever you ues the electricity for makes heat also, if it moves it created friction on the air and the axle and creates heat.

    all we do all day long everyday is creat heat here and there and everywhair.

    you run your AC it makes more heat than cold you know.
    ever felt how hot the back of your frige is?

    today while you are out and about or whatever just look around and see all the things around you that are producing heat, think of how many btu's oh heat that every radiator in every car is putting off, how many btu's of heat that powerplant is creating, your computer needs fans on it to get rid of heat.

    i bet if you find out how much oil had been pumped out of the ground, do the math on the btu's of heat that that amount of oil has the potential of making, add the petential of all the coal we have burnt, all the btu's from nuculear reactors and add them all up im sure you wouldnt be suprised at what melted your icecaps.

    its sad because even solar panels are guilty, they are black and get hot when in the sun, they just move electricity to something thet creats heat anyway.

    anything and everything electric, mechanical, anything that moves pretty much creats heat.


    as far as i know there is really no way of making cold, how can you make cold?

    i think in the future instead of us clinging to heat producing things as out lifeline of energy we will realize that cold is the extroidinary thing not heat

    what do u guys think? am i wrong? u got a good opposing argument to that? lets debate shal we?
  2. cold is the absence of heat. to get cold you just take away the heat, which is what the air does yes. the heat is transfered.

    the air disperses the heated molecules fairly fast as its coming off its source of heat to the point where they are no longer hot or vibrating super retarded fast.

    you see if your theory was indeed correct, i think we would have been double fucked a looooooooong time ago no?

    you must first understand what hot and cold is try reading up on it its pretty interesting
  3. so what makes my theory incorect? because i didnt say cold was the sbsence of heat? ok
    im pretty sure i know my sience pretty good. and cold is not the absence of heat, all tempatured above absolute zero have some mesureable heat. cold is the lack of head relativ to the hotter object.
  4. damb i gotta read this while i right, to get cold you just take away heat? how do u just take away heat? you DONT energy cannot be distroted, if you want to make something cooler that it was previously you have to find something cooler than it and raise its tempature transfering the heat away from the hotter object to reach a more nutral tempature between the 2. and yes the air is cooler than the radiator and the heat is transfered to the air, what does the air transfer the heat to? nothing it stays in the air, and dont try n tell me it goes into space because you cant transfer heat to a vacume.

    try again
  5. what makes you think you know it better than i do, i was college prep sience in high school, was fy fav shit.
    say something inteligent to conturdict me other than just tell me to read up on heat and cold, einstien had the theory about energy cannot be created or distroyed and were realesing a lot of energy in the form of heat and changing the state of energy (E=MC2) with fusion and fision i dont see anyone turning any energy into matter do you?

    do u have any credentials, if im wrong then why am i wrong?
  6. how can you expect a nice philosophical conversation when right off the bat your ego consumes what your saying and you start attacking and defending.

    just chill out

    you're talking about heat transfer no? where does heat go? well it transfers.
    so maybe you should read this
    Heat transfer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    id like to discuss with you more but please in a conversing manner rather than 'im right' 'you're wrong' bickering bullshit.
  7. when you heat something up your making its molecules vibrate faster

    when your cooling something down your making them vibrate slower

    do you think these vibrations accumulate somewhere in the atmosphere?
  8. u started off tryin to tell me i dont know what hot and cold are, thats attacking, and your still trying to tell me what heat trasfer is, read that and it will tell u just what i told you, look up conductive heat because thats what were talkin about, c now u fucked my post n no 1 will want to discus this with me because u had to make yourself look stupid
  9. im sorry about your thread, i originally said if your theory was correct dont you think we would not exist by now? not attacking you. i told you to try to understand what hot and cold are (vibrations). im not trying to attack you

    in your OP you mainly talk of warming so thats what i focused on but now i see your focus is on cold. by bad was going in wrong direction.

    you think in the future cold will be our lifeline? we need energy which usally involves atoms moving fast creating friction creating heat

    what energy when applied creates cold?

    what answer are you looking for? im confused by this whole thing
  10. no wasnt spacifically on cold but... most of our powerplants work on boiling water, if its too hot to keep water from boiling in the first place how are we goin to make energy

    i should try and write better more complete writeup on my theory when im not soo stoned and tryed, prolly doesnt really sound that good right now.

    the theory is that all of the heat that we create is heating up the planet more than co2 and greenhouse gasses do as they claim

    im not trying to say that co2 doesnt help it get hotter, im saying that we arent just trapping heat we are releasing heat as well. im gonna try to get a fugure on how much coal and oil we have burnt and find out the energy coefficient to find the btu's of heat released, compare that to the volume of the inner atmosphere and see how much that puts a dent in the heay increase, not to mention all of the nuculear bombs we have tested, im pretty sure they put out a good amount of heat too

    do u understand what i am saying?

  11. if its too hot on the planet to keep water from boiling then by god we wouldn't need to make energy because we'd be busy dieing from the heat

    heat is merely atoms vibrating faster than the other atoms around it and those vibrations travel through to the atoms not vibrating so fast that are around the ones vibrating fast, and when you take air for example, gas to be exact, the atoms move alot more freely thus dissipating their vibrations (heat) much faster than lets say a solid or liquid.

    so the heat (vibrations) get spread out so to say to other atoms that are not so vibrant and eventually with no source of heat left they all end up back vibrating at the same temperature, that temperature being that of the atmosphere and that depending on ALOT of other variables.

    now what co2 (a chemical compound, not heat) does is it gets accumulated in the ozone and as light particles and waves filter through the ozone to earth and bounce back to space they get trapped and bounce again i would say because of the excess co2 in the ozone thus creating more heat within the atmosphere because its trapping more light particles, waves which is energy.

    so the rays of the sun along with many other variables establishes the temperature for that certain place and time in which those molecules are in, thus defining how fast they vibrate thus defining their temperature or heat output in relevance of course to other sources of heat as you said, microwave ovens, a/c units, anything that creates heat.

    when something is hot its vibrating very fast. when that something that was once hot starts to become cold its because those vibrations are being transfered to its surrounding atoms until all the atoms in that specific area and time are back to normal vibration and that normal vibration is defined by its atmosphere which is defined by our sun and a bunch of other variables such as how much co2 is in our ozone

    do you understand what i am saying?
  12. yes, i agree somewhat with your post.

    However we must keep in mind that we all have our own opinions and mine is no better than yours.

    I feel like what you are saying is correct in the sense that thing are creating heat is heat itself from our air conditioners and so. But I think that should just go in the category of greenhouse gases and using oil and what is the generally accepted idea. This is because to make these things that create the heat it takes greenhouse gases and the heat is just a product of the things the greenhouse gases created.

    But what does anybody know?

    hahah i think this post is a little but all over the place, so bear with me.
  13. Our entire solar system is heating up.
    Our "global warming" is merely our perspective of something much greater occurring.
  14. Didn't you already post this same thread somewhere else? :confused_2:

    Anyways, the amount of heat we generate is miniscule compared to what we absorb from the Sun and what is generated by the Earth itself from it's still red-hot molten core.

    We might actually hit a cooling phase soon. Techically we're in an inter-glacial period of an Ice Age still.

    In times past it was FAR warmer and there was up to 5 times the level of CO2 in the air than there is now, all from normal natural processes.

    Anthropogenic Global Warming, the theory that we are causing it, is just a scam that unscrupulous scientists are using to get massive grants and governments are trying to use in order to increase taxes and control.

  15. the ozone layer has no co2 in it no matter how much co2 is in the air, the ozone layer is a layer of pure oxygen O2 that is geting thinner for some reason (cfc's, feeeon)

    just because the heat we put in the air dissapates doesnt mean it diaappears, it just mean it spreads out and avaerages. like if you put 1 drop of food coloring in a pool you can see it for a bit untill it disapates, if you put a drop in a pool once a day in a year or so the average of the water in the pool will have detectable food coloring.

    oldschool stoner is prolly right, its all a bunch of bullshit to make money and controol the population. the entire universe is getting hotter because stars are all producing heat and distroying matter more changing matter into energy, i cant think of anything that takes heat or energy and makes matter out of it so we are geting a higher energy to heat ratio everywhair.

    but, even though the planit has been hotter in the past never in the past has thee been as much heat emited above the crust of the planet. if you look at our planit from space you can see so many lights and they are all releasing heat into out atmosphere.

    yes i did post it somewhair else because i didnt think this 1 would go anywhair because some guy keeps coming up with rediculous reasons why i am wrong. not even makeing scence most of the time
  16. Heat must have an energy source. Every single joule of energy here on Earth comes here from the sun. We cannot create more energy than is what is given to us.
  17. yes, except for nuculear power like bombs and reactors, all of the foccil fuels are just energy the sun gave off that was traped by plants a long time ago. some energy comes to earth from space like light fom distant stars and things that hit the earth like asteroids and small space debris

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