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[Read for a great laugh! Lol!]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by niqqabieber69, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. #1 niqqabieber69, Aug 3, 2011
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    a a a sa a a a a a a

    Haha well first of all, I need some advice or some shit. Not really. Input. Don't really know what to ask for, I would just love to tell my story ( Don't we all? ) and get some input..

    Well I graduated Highschool last year and am starting college in 2 days, still living with my mom cus im savin up.. Well i'm in my room kickin it and right now there is 1/8 of chronic in my mailbox ( 50 ft from my house) Where my homie dropped it off ( Yes I do mailbox deals.. But they're free so it's chill ) well my moms in the living room watchin tv, will either be their all night passing out or go to her room to smoke cigs until she starts passin out.. I can just jump out my window and walk to the mailbox, grab the weed, walk back, take some mad rips off my bong then come in. I just am always sketch that my moms gonna see me n shit through the windows when Im sure they cant, I just think they do ( fucking paranoia and shit ) And f my mom comes in my room and sees me gone im fucked, but I've done this same shit and been out for hours before no problem.

    Any input on this?? Should I just go grab da bag and get blazed?? :D

    and no i'm not under 18, and if someone tries to start that argument or statement on this thread just ignore them, they're just trollin.. Cus it always starts arguments n shit about how ppl should and shouldn't care blah blah so if you don't have anything good to say dont say it at all lol

  2. duuude thats so wrong its your moms house, your being so sketchy. Just stop. SMoke outside or something.

  3. psssh, ***** please. lol. To OP, has she confronted you on it before?
  4. go get it lol its onyl 50 ft... lock your door. sprint to ur mailbox, grab that shit, sprint back, rip ur bong right outside ur window and if u hear someone knock on your door set ur bong down, say "just a second"
    and hop through ur window shut ur blinds spray some colgne and say whatup
  5. i got bleeped

    you should change it from *'s to [BLEEP]

    do it saxman, do it
  6. fuck it, i'd do it.
  7. Someones fiiieeenndddiinnnn for a couple bong rips. I'll just give the o'l meat a beatin then go to sleep happy cuz I know I got some fiya in my mailbox for tomorrow.
  8. well i mean, you better go get that shit before tomarrow if she checks the mailbox tho.
    so, if you HAVE to get it anyway, go ahead and wait till she goes to sleep, then go get it and fire it up.
  9. In the time it took to type this you can go grab your stash. She's not gonna come in. I'd say go for it bruh
  10. I have insomnia and I have slept 1 hour in the last 2 days, I am wide awake at 1 AM. Weed puts me to sleep. I have no lock on my door, I don't want to sprint cus the crunching dirt/leafs I think they will hear! lol more input but really this was more then I expected already :) you guys are great
  11. #12 SwichOne, Aug 3, 2011
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  12. Oh and yeah she confronted me prolly 50+ times, found it multiple back in highschool.. The otherday I was smokin out my window when she came in, put it down and sat on bed thinking im fucked she just said if I threw anything on fire out the window to go get it and she's going to sleep haha,

  13. dude read my shit it fuckin true. also, howd you get away with a name like that when i cant even get away with dropping a few n bombs in a thead here or there with out getting bleeped. thats censoring ... i demand to use my sentance enhancers when i think they could spice up a sentance, free of cencorship..... do it saxman
  14. Like I said. In all of this time you've been buggin you could've grabbed it. She didn't come in then, she's not gonna magically come in just cause you're out of the room. The sooner you bite the bullet and do it, the sooner you'll be back in your room and flying high :smoke:

  16. My mom sleeps randomly no joke, she sleeps in the car and the day and a few hours in the night. I'ma go get it i guess
  17. HA! I'm a lucky mother fucker. Right as I was about to get up to get it my brother came in to annoy me! And he's a snitch. Hahahaha this thread saved my ass, I woulda just did it... Ima wait a few
  18. No do it now. Someone just came in. Now they're less likely to. Just do it already.
  19. Or say you left something in the car. Run out. Get the bud. Put it outside your window. Run to the car. Grab something and come back in. Go to your room, open the window and grab the goods. Magic

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