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    Read Before Posting

    Welcome to GC!

    Read up. This website is great for finding information, and with a simple search, you can read until your eyes hurt. When you are a ready to post, and are looking for answers, here are a few subjects to think about first;

    1. Information
    If you are posting about a problem with your setup, or have questions and are looking for help, make sure you post as much information as possible, so that you will get an informative response. Subjects like:
    • Hydro or Soil (Describe what type of products your using)
    • Type of light? (Wattage, Color Temp, Distance, Light Timings)
    • "Atmosphere" Conditions (Air Temperature, Humidty, Fan Description, Air Type)
    • Waterings (Type Of Water, How Often You Are Watering, Size of Container)
    • PH Range (Of the Water Your Giving, and Runoff Out of Container)
    • Nutrients/Supplements (Brand, Ingredients, NPK Rating, Dosage, How Often)
    • Pictures if possible! (Posting pictures can describe the problem for you)
    • Design and Dates (Size of your setup, and how long you have had it, age of the P's)
    • Other Any other information you can think of not included by these subjects.

    No matter what section you are in and subject you are posting about, please make sure you are posting in the proper category. This can prevent you from having to double post. Double+ posts will be deleted, and can mean the difference between a good and bad response and helps keep the forums clean. Here are some links to the growing section to get you started;

    General Growing Category

    3. Punctuation
    People are generally here to help, and contribute, however it can be hard to read paragraphs without the proper punctuation and spelling. If you know you are bad with this, run your post through a spelling and grammar check. This helps the people who want to help you, and makes the forums more enjoyable.

    4. Terms, Abbreviations, and Lingo
    Here are some terms, abbreviations, and lingo to help your cause.

    5. Research and Search
    If you are here to learn, Do your research and use the Search Button. Also read the stickies in your category, links, and guides, this can answer questions for you so that you do not have to wait for a reply.

    Here are some links to READ if your are new to the cause:
    Grandpa's Grow Guide
    Various Problems Guide
    Some Do's and Dont's
    CFL Guide
    Plant Abuse Chart
    Outdoor Growing Help
    Quick Grow Guide
    Recreational Drug Information
    DarkHaz3's Thread
    Plant Nutrients
    GigZ-16's Pests/Insects Guide
    NORML - Laws

    Here are some videos to WATCH if you are new to the cause:
    Guide To Growing Cannabis Video,(10 parts)
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
    Here is another Video On Home Growing (4parts)
    Foreign Grow Video (part) - Very old video but I like it.
    Video On Cloning

    Last but certainly not least!

    Rules, Regulations and Laws
    Very important you read these if you want to stay an unbanned member. Grass City Forum Rules

    We have |ots of people here who want to he|p, stay positive, informative, good |uck and enjoy your stay. We are g|ad to have you here at Grass City :) Dont hesitate to ask me if theres anything I can do for you.

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