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[READ BEFORE POSTING] Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mango720, Jul 23, 2010.

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    hello, I have been reading here for about 2 months or so now and I'm still lost, yeah, I'm a noob, or a knob or whatever y'all might call us, am new Mi.MMP since Feb.2014, I'm learning, the stickies y'all refer to, I think, have what appears to be a push pin following the topic at the beginning of each section ??????  I'm starting over and trying to learn.  I'm getting old an don't see to well, damn bi-focals, I asked a question a couple weeks back an a guy tells me to start my own thread, it kinda bummed me out and I deleted my account and went looking other places. I quickly learned this is where I want to be, so many of you have put up the time and effort to help others it just blows my mind. thanks to all for being here, I have no one to communicate with outside of here, I got lots of questions I am slooooowly finding answers to and I have 50+ years of experiences on what not to do. sorry for the long post, I go back to reading now. thanks,
    sorry, just noticed they say pinned on the computer but show up as a push pin on my ph.

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  2. I just started using this website and I wanted to know are there any websites i could use to just a buy a smoking bundle? (Pipe, Lighter, container, wraps, and etc etc included) Any help would be great thanks.
  3. On they occasionally have package deals. But most of the time if you get a package deal it comes with things specifically for that smoking apparatus. So if you were to purchase a water pipe package deal it might also come with a lighter and some screens. The only other way I can see you doing a "package" deal is that some companies like will have promotional deals where you buy a bong and you get a pipe or a lighter or a set of rolling papers or etc. Other than that there are also sites like that have package deals that are like a package of papers in each size and a rolling machine etc. But I have yet to see something exactly like you are talking about. Maybe GC needs to take this as a hint. Last words of advice I suggest that if you are going to buy, then buy now. A lot of smoking apparatus distributors are having seasonal deals right now. Buy smart!

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    BHO problem??
    I feel like when I hit a batch of "crumble" I picked up, it leaves me with a burning throat and very heavy coughing after I hit a dab off a 4.1 voltage pen. can anyone explain why this is?
  5. Im not sure if people are still replying to this post but I thought Id give it a shot since there isnt much advice elsewhere.

    I love smoking all the time but I have a problem with drug tests and some side effects of weed.

    I normally pass urine drug tests fine. My problem is the hair tests that some workplaces run. I have one coming up soon, and I heard that hair can store up to 3 months of drug history, since i smoke every weekend using a vape, it will probably show up.

    Also, people at my workplace have started getting a bit fishy. i never smoke at work but people have noticed a lot of thinning in my hair on my head, and im also itching a lot on my scalp. im guessing this is due to smoking weed, and im sure someone will pick up on this sooner or later. And i dont want to lose my job!

    ANY advice is welcome, I would love to know if anyone knows any good shampoos or good detox techniques to get the THC out of my hair. Fyi i dont really want to go for the shaved head look.

    Thanks for reading :D
  6. Good luck with the hair test, I've never had one. Weed doesn't make you itch like some drugs do.
  7. OK so i plan on smoking a blunt for my first time. just a super chill thing. Walk around the park by the water, listen to my music, and smoke my blunt. BUT i live with my parents who are against weed. So how long will the high last if i smoke a blunt bymyself for the first time? And how heavy would the smell be if im walking outside (usually kind of windy since its by the water). Any other tips? Thanks
  8. you will be stoned for a few hours and probably reak of weed I recommend spending the night at a friends house after smoking it
  9. The Roor link doesn't work.

  10. All new members should be required to read this post and drug test sticky thoroughly before they are allowed to post anything :laughing:

    So many of the same threads in the Tokers Q&A and Toker Tools it's redundant.
  11. I am new. I will ask you since it seems to bother you. What is a sticky? What do I need to know so I don't irritate everyone? I'm being totally serious. I want to get off on the right foot here :weed:so help a bitch out:passing-joint:THANKS!!!
  12. Stickies are threads that have been chosen to always be at the top of a sub-forum.
    New threads won't bump them down the line.
    For example this sub -forum has 6 sticky threads.
    They often contain good information appropriate to the sub-forum.
    Sometimes they do get a little dated or the pic links no longer work, but ehh....

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  13. Thanks. Sounds complicated lol

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