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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mango720, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. quick question whats the best stoner movie

    I'm trying out different dealers. Don't know what type this is. Nor quality. Does anyone have any idea quality/type of weed this is?? Thanks
  3. The other day, I smoked weed 2 hours before work, and I was given a drug test. It was the oral eze test, where the indicator is supposed to turn blue once your finished. I didn't know I would have to take a drug test for worker's comp, even though I was injured 3 weeks before hand. The indicator on the test never turned blue, yet very small part of the cotton had a light bluish tint to it. During the test when my HR manager wasn't watching I took the test out of my mouth and wiped it on my arm. I didn't really keep the test on the sides of my cheeks, most of the time I kept the test between my teeth, so there wouldn't be much saliva on it. And right before the test, I was chewing on mints so it would affect it. And during the test, I slipped a mint into my mouth wiped it over the swab and took it back out. I'm wondering what are my chances of even passing, if I smoke weed on average about 2-4 times a day. Oh yes and before I went to work after smoking, I brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth thoroughly with water over and over, right when I found out I had to take a drug test.

    I'm waiting for my results, do you think I even have a chance of the test coming back inconclusive or passing. And even if I didn't pass would I still receive worker's comp. I was injured over 3 weeks before the drug test, so they can't prove I was even intoxicated at the time of the incident. I'm employed in the state of California. I would much rather have them give me worker's comp and fire me, cause my health is much more important. Even though I wouldn't find a job that gives me 13 an hour while I'm still a student.
  4. How long is this high going to last?! I just registered to the forums and it wont let me start a thread. any reason why? I have a serious question and problem right now.
  5. What did you smoke and how much? And how did you smoke it?
  6. Wait that question was asked a while ago lol
  7. check the frequently asked questions thread
  8. Guess what? I found a site that's giving PSN codes away for free!
  9. OOO! Got 'em!
  10. #131 its.Blaze, Dec 23, 2013
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    That's mexican schwag.
  11. You've never smoked mexican schwag if you think that lmao
  12. Quick question, pretty sure this might be the right place to post it - do all plants bud? 
    I ask because until recently I assumed they did. A friend mentioned that plants don't always bud, so now I turn to some folks who will know far more than I ever will!
    all cannabis plants bud but the flower of the female plant is the one you want. There is very little buzz in the male flowers.
  14. Thank you Snoopdog, like I said I know nothing but this did seem a bit odd to me. Mmm, female plants. 
  15. Thank you a lot

    Prisoner of your own trip, but mildly in chains to amazement.
  16. Great post helps learn a lot!

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  17. There are a dozen of bong clean matterials, just cleaned mine with some brown soap, cleaner than ever!

    Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met behulp van Grasscity Forum
  18. aw beautiful I found this very helpful thanks GC!!
  19. Thank you so much for this. Had to search around some till I found it but glad I did. 

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