read all who know about drug testing-for weed.

Discussion in 'General' started by jackarmy, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. im not sure where to put this to be honest.

    but right, at my site where i work they have started random drug testing everyday so i could be picked out at any time,

    ive only tried smoking weed once and that was at college 3 months ago, where i went for 2 weeks. luckily didnt have a drug test and it wasnt to much anyway but still-but yeah as i said now they do random tests everyday

    and they go so into the test they can tell if you have smoked it or just, been somewhere where its being smoked.

    so on the 6th march i go to holland for a music event and my mates will be doing weed.
    i come back on the 9th but im not back into work until the 16th.

    7 days wont be enough to get ANYTHING out of my system fully fully would it?
    i cannot risk losing this job so im wondering if theres any ammount of it i can do, to get it out my system by then? im sure the anwser is no but im hoping. :devious: help guys please
  2. What are you asking? If it will show up from you being around smoke? Or if you should smoke and try to detox it out?

  3. i think hes trying to ask, if hes around it will 7 days be enough to detox it.

    to TS, 7 days MIGHT be enough depending on how much you smoke. you can trying drinking a bunch of water, working out(or just sweating), or if you want even try a detox drink from your local headshop. Just try to flush you system as best as you can.
  4. seven days is more than enough time for a detox drink to work, no matter how much you smoke.
    the good detox drinks only need a 48 hour period of no thc in your system.
  5. hey guys thanks for your replys really need help on this one see.

    yeah im planning on smoking it. but if you say a ammount ROUGHLY. i can smoke when im out there, then be clean for when im back in work.

    then id stick to that ammount. also ive never heard of a detox drink , what kind of shops sell these? im in britain so -if you have any idea. would it completly get it out of my system? if i went running when back in college-for about 1 hour a night, and drank water all day in college and out of collge.
  6. It depends on your body type.

    And from my experience detox drinks didn't do a damn thing.
  7. detox drinks work for some people and others it doesnt. ive heard of taking shots of vinegar but i haven't tried it.

    to TS, you can probably find it at your local headstore.
  8. Hahahaha.
  9. Really? If you really havn't smoked to much before, and you cannot afford to lose this job (and getting fired for a failed UA doesn't help ensure you'll find another one quickly) I would probably suggest you just steer clear. It sucks, I know, but you really have to weigh out the risk, A week of fun vs. Your job. If you do go for the detox drinks....and you know when your getting tested, double check urself first. buy a stick kit or somthing and make sure.
  10. whats funny about that??
  11. Doing weed?

    That phrase just has such a weird negative connotation to it rather than just saying smoking weed.
  12. erm ok.
  13. well..its obvious that you dont smoke that much...>>*doing weed*
    and it was a bit funny..but dont take it personally:)
    i give u a rep for that and wish u good luck with the test.
    and have fun at holland!!!!!!

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