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  1. This can be your opinion on the matter, or really anything about him, but the main thing i want to hit, besides some a fat blunt, is the media's opinion. You can really see how so many are so concervative and in my opinion, way behind the times. But, looking at the reactions of the people on the TV made me see who still smokes weed. Example almost all the Late night TV hosts, especially Craig Ferguson, he smokes a lot, also there are some people on like the fox REd Eye show who blaze all the time. But I want your opinion on this, who do you think smokes in the media?

    My opinion on Michael Phelps is that he is more badass now, and I want to party with him. one of my buddies has, he said he is incredibal at drinking, they all got black out drunk and when my friend came to at 7 am, Phelps was getting back from swimming which started @ 5, and he said he was still drunk! Hes pretty much boss. also I think now we know why he goes through those 12000 calories a day!
  2. i think hes a pussy for giving in, to the media pressure and for apologizing for trying to have a little fun and persuing happiness, something were guaranteed in the constitution. theres no way i would ever smoke or party with him. honestly if i ever saw him id tell him that hes a pussy and he could have helped get marijuana legalized more than anyone else on the planet and instead he gave in. he might have physical strength, but he is a weak individual. its not like he doesnt already have a few million in the bank... i have like 30 dollars to my name and i would fight for legalization no matter what the case, unless my family was threatened.
  3. I think the photo of him taking a bong rip, in addition to his underage DUI and the more recent reports of him gambling thousands of dollars away on beer pong at that same party, gives us a good idea of who this guy is. A freak of nature who's great at swimming but seems to lack intelligence.

    I don't understand the boycott movement on his behalf. He turned his back on the marijuana community by acting as if it was the stupidest thing in the world he could have done.

    It's not even as if Kellogg's fired him...they allowed his contract to expire. That's smart business. The Olympics are a distant memory and the next time the general public is going to care about Michael Phelps is at the next Olympics which are three years away, so why continue to pay a spokesperson that has just about zero media exposure in the meantime?
  4. User title says it all.

    Phelps should have stood up for himself instead of just getting shat on by all anti drug people. For fucks sake, hes such an idol to a lot of people if he had spoken about how weed should not even be legal and that he wasnt doing anything wrong then a lot of people would become pro-marijuana.
  5. why is everyone knocking this guy? he put himself out there, lived his life a certain way (whop knows how many hours training he did) and what does he have to show for it? 8 metals or something? even if this guy didnt do shit, who cares? what he does is his business. if anything it shows that weed dosnt destroy lives. if anything, its the people destroying lives. after this happened people turned their backs on him quick. instead of offering support or at least something they droped him like hes dirt. that shows what kind of people they are. so fuck them! he was doing fine until he got caugt smoking weed. now he lost money because they took it from him. i would like to curse everyone, such as nancy grace, for acting like they are perfect, that they dont do anything wrong and they never break any laws. i would love for them to be caught for doing something and have to go though our wonderful justice system. michael phelps is no differnt then any of us, although he has a gift and a skill that a bunch of money hungry leaches want to stick themselves to so they can suck his money dry. sorry but ALOT of these people are hyprocrates, are so full of shit and are such lairs that what they say should not even matter. they are all fakes.:mad:
  6. I made a video about it. I also show the crime stats for Columbia, SC that show that the dumbass sheriff arresting those people that were partying with Phelps has bigger problems than weed.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Phelps Marijuana Arrests By Sheriff Leon Lott Columbia South Carolina[/ame]

    Tell me what you guys think about it


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