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Reactine and Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CaptainToker, May 31, 2009.

  1. Well, It's the time of year when pollen gets really brutal so I'm taking Reactine allergy medication about twice a day. Other than possibly making my couch lock even worse (or better, depending on which way you look at it) could there be any negative effects? Thanks, guys.
  2. Other than the prolonged couch-lock you should be fine man, but if you are still concerned I would ask a doctor. They can't do anything due to patient confidentiality, so ask away.
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    Never had a problem with it man. go right ahead. it's supposed to be 24hr why are you taking it more than once? if you need more than just one take 2 at once or switch to extra strength
  4. I've also been taking reactine this time of year, and it hasn't been interfering with my blazing :)
  5. I recently had the worst trip of my life. I took reactine extra strength for my allergies, which lasts for 24hours, at about 2pm. Around 9pm i started drinking some 13% wine, about 6 cups in total. Then around 11, i hit 5 nice bong hits of good weed, and lit a cigarette. As i was puffing on the cig, i could feel strong (really intense) waves of energy going through my body from head to toe. It was so intense (nothing like ive felt before, and ive mixed alcohol and weed nuff times to know its pleasurable, not scary and fucked up like this was) that i stopped puffing on the cig and tried to find a way to calm down. I couldnt stand still or sit down, my muscles were producing this spasm throughout my body, it felt toooo pleasurable to the point where my heart was racing like crazy, and i was feeling uncomfortable sensations on the left side of my chest. i was panicking and would never do that again in my life. this whole cycle of waves in my body lasted for 2 hours, then as if a switch got turned off, all the waves were gone and i was just high and really tired/burned out.

    all 3 arent a good combo, trust me from experience

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