Reached A New Level Of Highness Last Night...

Discussion in 'General' started by BluntCruisin, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Last night my friend and I split an eighth of some good bud from a local dealer we usually pick up from. However, because he was late, (wow a dealer being late! who knew?) he gave us an extra gram and a half. 5 grams for sixty is not bad yall!
    Well anyways, once we get to my friend's house we start smoking right away. Sure enough, my friend pulls out his new $530 bong and we start ripping that. I've been smoking for almost four years now and even last night was a level of high I had never been before...literally felt like I was drunk! When I was walking home I could barely walk, and when I finally made it into my bed, the world was spinning and for a second I almost felt nauseous!
    Anyone else ever been this high before?

  2. Yea i have experienced the spins and pukes but it was directly after a huge bong rip.....So dont know if it is the same but as far as the walking goes, if I smoke all day and stay really stoned all day i will get the stumble steps near the end of the day.
  3. I've been that high a couple of times lol 
  4. Yeah I remember walking home after a similar session and being convinced that a guy I worked with was lurking around every corner in every car with dark windows waiting to mug me. I was certain he was only pretending to be my friend in order to mug me at that moment for whatever I was worth. I still have no idea why I was so paranoid since I only had my phone and like .5gs on me, but it seemed so certain at the time :laughing:
  5. I've been uncomfortably high a few times before. One time I was so high I was literally seeing tracers. I was freaking out man. lol
  6. Yes, you were at level six last night. Usually tough to get to, but it's nothing compared to "level seven high."
    But on a related note, did you feel nauseous your entire high? Or was it just for like 5-10 minutes?
  7. Why the hell can't I get that high?! Lol.
  8. LOL you talkin to a veteran stoner bro. Been there quite a few times myself. Why do you think I smoke it?
  9. Brianna, if you smoke with me, i'll get you that high.
  10. Let's getttt hiiiiiigh! :D
  11. What kind of bong was it? Price doesn't describe much to me, Roors are priced incredibly, incredibly high for the functions they provide.
    But yes, bonging usually gets me to the very stoned level like you were.

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