Re-Vegging the OGH way = Foolproof

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  1. Greetings guys and gals, I thought I'd share my re-vegging efforts of late as I'm quite amazed at the results thus far. Hopefully some of you that haven't tried to re-veg your plants yet will give it a go. If an old guy with a confirmed case of OGH can pull this off, then you young guns will have no problems! :D

    For those brand new to this term, re-vegging is a term used for getting your female plant back to vegetative growth after a full cycle of flowering and harvest. This is a useful technique if you didn't clone or can not re-order seeds for various reasons.

    Quick background on the victims...err, Mothers.

    Mom1 - Nirvana Northern Light grown under 12/12 from seed. 400watt HPS, 2 liter soda bottle, whatever soil I could find, a few feedings of Schultz 10-54-10 during flower.
    Favorable Traits - Awesome lower side branching, vigorous growth, and amazing buzz :smoking:

    Mom2 - Nirvana Northern Light clone from flower. As a test on cloning, I took 3 cuttings on about week 4-5 of flower (counting from first true budding happening). These had fully developed buds and were about 3" tall. They rooted fine, but never grew under the 12/12...figured their internal clock never was reset.

    Mom3 - Mandala Hashberry, grown same style as the NL, but was a runt, never getting past 9" tall at it's tiny harvest of 3 grams :confused: However, the flavor and buzz from this one was the best, so I held onto it while I pondered. Figured I could find out if the "runting" was caused by me early in her life, or if once re-vegged she may grow with normal vigor and size.

    Re-Veg methods:

    - I harvested her paying special attention to the main tips I could find on re-vegging.... Leave as many leaves and shoots on the lower 1/3rd of the plant as you can...even a couple small (popcorn) buds is fine. So, I did that and then stuck her back under the light for a couple days while I accessed my commitment to what I thought would be a long, drawn out process.

    Then, after about 4 days of thinking (ha!), I decided to try the other tip I found somewhere...Remove plant from pot, and with a razor you'll cut off the bottom 1/3rd of her rootball. This scared the crap out of me, but I did it and this was the result : Note - just snapped these pics today, so it's been about 18 days and they are super dried out in photo...I knew I saved it for something!:)

    Then I re-potted her in a fresh mixture of soil, perlite, vermiculite, and worm castings in a 2 gallon grow bag and put back under the lights (still at 12/12 while a few other plants finished) I gave her a nice soaking of water with Ferti-lome Root Stimulator and Plant Starter Solution.

    3 days later I flipped the lights to 18/6 and waited....nothing, nothing, nothing, then BAM, on Day 10 of flipping the lights, I could see my first knarly looking re-growth beginning :
    A bit closer up view:

    At this point, I'm beyond stoked! Now I begin watering her ever other day, but switched my fert over to Neptune's Harvest Organic Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer 2-3-1

    And now, on Day 18 under 18/6 she looks like this:

    I plan on letting her finish out January and then she'll become a clone producing machine.

    Mom2 - This was the flowering clone I took that never did anything but root. Actually there are 3 of these, but all results have been identical.

    Re-veg method - These I did not re-pot, cut roots or anything. I simply noted that on the MOM1 plant, the new shoots/growth were coming from where I trimmed the lower buds and snipped stems.
    So I decided to cut the 2 inch bud down to below an inch. My thinking was it would almost be a FIM/topping stress on the plant and hopefully would open up areas for new growth.
    I also soaked it with the Ferti-lome and waited. 5 days later I walk into the closet and find this:
    Pitiful looking to most, GORGEOUS to me! And now, 4 days after that pic I have:
    Looking good, with new little sites, fresh green, forming on the cut bud and the one branch really taking off.

    Mom3 - Mandala Hashberry runt. Same procedure as the clone above. And today I have:
    A massive 3", but remember, she was only 9" at harvest...a true runt!
    A bit closer:
    She was the only HB kept after harvest, so hopefully she can turn into a clone machine in a month.

    Thanks for reading, I did not mean for this to be so long. I'll keep it updated as things progress.

    Hope it helps some of you to re-veg with conviction and keep the strains you love alive.

    Peace - OGH
  2. Damn Green I wanted to be the first post on this thread.;)

    Nice job OGH!!! Oh and it's never as long as you think. I find your post too short. Now I can use this method when I find out what strain my vintage mix are. Awsome.

  3. happy now sergio?

  4. Now I actually feel bad.:( Ok I'm over it. :smoking:

    Think I need to leave work asap and go garden gazing. I'm searching for balls. Yuck!!

    If OGH didn't rush to get his message out I would been first the real way. Now I feel cheated.LOL
  5. Thanks guys, appreciate you both being first ;)

    Peace - OGH
  6. Do you think I would needs to trim the roots if I was transplanting the plant into alarger pot after harvest?
  7. Well, I really don't think it would hurt....that may be the cause of the explosion of growth going on with the NL mom right now.

    My runt hashberry was not transplanted, or root trimmed, and is getting new growth.....but not comparable to the the NL. But, her being a runt the first go around, who knows.

    I can say I'm committed not to cut HB roots as she is the only one I have and don't want to mess it up as the way she is going I'll be able to take cutting from her in 2-3 weeks.

    Thinking more, my opinion would be if you are going to keep yours as a mom, then trim the roots and replant nicely. Conversely, if you simply want to re-veg for a month, get some cuttings to then make a mom, maybe skip all the extras :D

    Peace - OGH
  8. Here's an updated pic of my Northern Lights mom on day 40 of Re-veg.
    Shes already had 36 clones taken from her and is a great little bush.
    She's going to be flowered again, cant wait to watch the bud sites fill in!


    Peace - OGH
  9. Wow that's cool.:hello:

    Kinda like my White Widow except I have never gotten any clones to root.:mad:

    I put the WW to flower the other day. Giving up on the cloning thing for awhile.
    I have tons of seeds:smoking:

    Great job on the reveg. I will be trying it myself.
  10. I actually call this Technique Re-Generating rather then Re-Vegging. Re-Vegging to me is what you do after you sex and wish to Veg longer for a larger plant.

    Re-Generating is a more sensible term for this method. When you cut most of the plant away and re-transplant for the roots to begin to re-grow that plant is Re-Generating its self, much like lizards the grow new limbs.

    However this is a great walk through. you beat me too it as well.:)

  11. Aww, you damn technical stoners! :D J/K sounds right to me as well so I'll roll with it. Great grows you have going as well Hashmouf, some tasty strains :smoking:

    Peace - OGH
  12. reveggin (or re-generating) is the way to go :) :)
  13. Hey eyecon, sweet re-veg/genrate/grow you got going with that Speed Queen. Looks like you're enjoying the added success of the re/veg where you get many more bud sites than the first go round due to the first harvest cuts. Can't believe the tops I have on my NL. I just can't see why we can't re-gen multiple times and end up with sweet bushes of goodness!

    Peace - OGH
  14. Is there alot of stress on a plant when you reveg? I dont have my hps yet and dont know exactly when i will and may want to flower these plants i got now under my flourescant (first grow) to see how it woks out. I have never had a female before but fingers are crossed for these plants. I would just clone and stick under 12/12 to find out but like i said i dont have my other lights/room setup yet.

    do most plant come back after reveg?
  15. It didn't appear to be any more stressful than a transplant honestly. I've only done it with Northern Lights and Hashberry, but would imagine all but the auto flowering strains should do fine.

    At first I didn't trim the Hashberry roots like I did the NL. While it still began re-vegging, it didn't do it with the speed of the NL.
    About 2 weeks ago I finally gave in and chopped the HB roots and re-planted into new soil and a larger grow bag. In just those two weeks, the results were amazing and I just took my first 3 HB cuts yesterday :)

    Good luck with your Coke box grow, I'll be watching that one!

    Peace - OGH
  16. Thanks man im excited about it. I didnt get pics yesterday but working today il remember to bring my memory card with me today lol.
  17. My plant reacted fine to reveggin. I think I waited a week before transplanting, used b1 for roots. For the lights, I put them on 24/7 for the first week, then switched to 18/6. A lot of the places I was finding advice from were saying to go 24/7 for two weeks, but one was enough for me.
  18. I agree with OGH on revegging, it's a pain when ya realize ya have a winner and have to reveg it to make it a mom or whatever.

    But don't forget to treat it as if it's vegging and give lots of N ferts/nutes as it needs it to start new growth.
  19. OGH, or anyone who knows/has tried: I'm growing hydro, and would LOVE to try this to one of my kids at the end of this grow...and move from hydro to soil, and make a mama. Any thoughts, suggestions? I couldn't find anything on taking a re-veg/re-gen from medium to medium.

    Thanks for the tutorial, truly awesome. Much respect.

  20. I just happen to have tried just that, and with an extra step in there as well.

    My first grow was done 12/12 from seed, and filled with many experiments :D I had taken some clones about 3-4 weeks into flower and didn't really have a veg area set-up yet, so I attempted to root under 12/12...which worked but took about 20 days for a nice root set to form.

    So, now I had these 4 little cute, 3" budding clones and I wanted to try hydro....but had no hydro. So I planted in soil where they stayed for about 3-4 weeks. In that time I scrapped together my first bubble bucket to hold the 4 girls.

    Took them out of the soil carefully, rinsed their roots and placed in the net pots and off I went. For about a month, they grew very nice roots, but not knowing it at the time, taking clones that late, and keeping them under 12/12, they had no more "stretch" in them and remained little 3" rooted nuggets. Stayed this way until I harvested the rest of the girls.

    After I was successful with re-vegging the main momma and the hashberry, I decided to try transferring the 4 girls back to soil and re-vegging.

    Carefully removed them from the net pots, cut a few inches of roots off, and placed into 2 liter pots with nice new soil.

    Also, learning what I had from re-vegging the others, I snipped their top bud down to only 1/4 of their now I had little 1.5" pitiful looking girls :hello:

    Since I now had an area of 24/0 light for vegging, I placed them in there, and 2 weeks later started seeing the deformed new growth that lets you know you have been successful re-vegging. Within a couple weeks after that I tossed the 2 that were looking the worst, kept the 2 best, and they are flowering as I write this.

    So, it can be done for sure.

    Hopefully any hydro pros can chime in with added tips, but definitely give it a go....just expect a little extra time for the stages to happen. But when trying to save genetics, whats a few extra weeks when you can then have unlimited clones :smoking:

    Peace - OGH

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