re-vegging clones? please advise

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by grandad, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. :cool: so I got a few clones from a collective..... unfortunetly they had allready started to flower, just a little, so I took em home.
    so I put them under T-5 bout 1" to 2" from tops, running 19/5 with lights.
    temps perfect but a little dry with the RH.

    My question is now that i can see the new growth going on (seems to be making branches instead of buds) but the plants are only 7"-8" inches tall,WILL they grow to normal hieght & at normal speed in the next 4-6 weeks?:confused:
  2. BumP!!
    Im Interested As Well!
  3. The buds will brown and die. It will start branching like fucking crazy. Though it will take a little longer in veg for them to get to a good height. When I don't have time restrictions I prefer to have clones that come from flowering plants. They branch crazy like.
    Keep'em burnin
  4. DV, Thanks for the confidence boost, luckily I have a little X time & patience.
    they are looking pretty good at the 9 days i've had them, there definetly growin
    I'm thinking about 1/3" a day. I wish the thing would stop puttin out the little white hairs although the armpits are definently growing out as branchesI'm only worried about the hermie thing.

    Do you know the chances of that?
  5. I took the clones for my current grow and my mother 21 days into flowering. They already had little nugs forming. it took a while but when they did start to re veg, it was fkn crazy. It didn't even look like a pot plant for a few weeks.
    Just keep it healthy, and give her some time, and you'll be ok. Just don't freak out like i did when she started looking crazy.
    Check out my current grow in my signature. You can see what they looked like during re veg, and you can see how beautiful they are now. I am doing a scrog this time, and IMO, a re vegged flowering clone is the way to go because of all the shoots that the re vegging creates. I also FIMed her :)

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