Re-Veg Vs. Re-Harvest.

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  1. I have read on here about 2 different methods so far, to stretch out a harvest. one is to trim plant back to 1/3 and trim rootball 1/2 and reveg. the other (simpler sounding) method is to just kinda "top" it? taking the main colas. keeping it in bloom, and letting the smaller buds continue growing. supposidly they will get larger than they would have.
    some backgroud. there's only 2 plants, not another batch on way. want start sprouting any till I decide what We are gonna do with these 2. if just a straight up harvest. reharvest, or reveg. due to the limitations of My states laws, we try to stay to only 4 plants at a time.
    can anyone tell Me more about these 2 methods? or other similar methods?  thanks

  2. I harvest my bigget buds first, then I give the lower buds a week or so to mature, then I harvest most of whats left, just leaving enough small buds and leaves to re-veg the plant. Once my plant is healthy again I cut clones and run another grow. I only do this if I've found a plant that I really like.  My state laws keep me from growing more than four plants as well. 
  3. I'm currently in my 5th wk of flowering my reveged plant, and it is going very well! I cut the main cola and all of the larger ones. I then put it in a new pot new drainage and soil, knocking as much of the old soil off, but not touching the roots at all. (Except the ones that ripped off cause of getting it out of the pot) then i put it into a 24hour light cycle for 3days. And then 16-8 for 3-4wks and back to flower.... I got about an average of 3 new stems per 1old stem.

    In your case, experiment. Try it both ways and see which you like more.
  4. I use to take whole plants, but starting cutting finished tops a week or 2 before the rest of the plant. I find that I get 0.5-1 Oz more per plant when I do this. Off six, I reliably get a pound when I take whole plants, and get 1.25-1.5 if I take tops first.
  5. that is basically what We are doing. topped the main cola's. the rest grew a little, then kinda stopped. though they are getting more sticky.

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