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Re-United Potheads

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CanaBliZZ, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. So i've been basically chillin all of this week smoking the quarter oz that I got which I would take pictures of my J's and bud but my parents took their camera on their trip to Italy. So basically today I went to work and came home and smoked with a close buddy who does'nt really smoke all of the time. But he's not a virgin to weed and we had a pretty good J. So we basically chill with one of my close friends, and drive around and what not. I went home for a little and she picked me back up again, lol. Then once I get home I smoke the roach I had from the Joint and went inside to take a shower and go to bed, do you think my night has ended here? Nope, I lay down and the phone rings, its the person who initially introduced me to weed and what not and I always like to chill with him even though we parted ways, it ended up in a big fight that ultimately got my tooth chipped in the midst of it. So he calls and for 5 minutes persuades me to come outside to smoke, so im like alright a Sleep and Bake, so I get my shit together and go outside, he was so excited lmao. We were just chillin, reminiscing of all the old times we had and what not, so what can I say, im really blazed, lol.
  2. haha nice man its always good to chill and reminisce about all the good times and shit...especially when theres herb. Just another reason weed fuckin rules. :smoke:
  3. Yeah it was kinda fun cause we were being the same as we were a year ago just older and wiser I guess, course once the herb started kicking in we were just straight doofy, lol, now I get to go to bed on a nice weed stomach, haha.
  4. i always like smoking with friends who you havent in a while, its always so much fun
  5. Sounds awesome, reminiscing with old friends is the shit man, even better smokin.
  6. I think I got him in trouble today though, in order to come to my house he had to lie to his girlfriend and somehow she found out about last night, probably one of my other friends told her or some shit.

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