Re-thinking my life.

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  1. I'm sick and tired of being high all the time.

    I need to regulate my smoking habits.

    I feel listless and clouded all the time.

    Today marks day 4 of no weed smoking.

    I can't even eat anymore unless I am high. I'm wasting away... and shit, I don't even feel horny unless I'm high.

    This weed withdrawal is intense - I'm breaking a lifestyle in hopes that I can start over fresh.

    How long do the minor symptoms of the withdrawal last? I haven't had a break since all of June '09... and since then I literally have been toking almost every day, multiple times a day since I was 17. I'm breaking out in some zits, only since I stopped toking. Damn, it must have a bigger impact on my bodily functions than I imagined it would.

    Well, wish me good luck; I think this is the right thing to do. I'm gonna go cold turkey for two weeks or so, and then regulate it so that I smoke maybe only between Thursday - Saturday, and at night only. Ever since I took LSD on Sunday, I've been thinking of a change - I can't blame LSD for the change entirely, but it definitely made me consider my life.

    Peace, blades and bladies.
  2. Good Luck WHL

    Take it a day at a time, things will pass with time and a bit of self imposed moderation won't do you any harm :)
  3. Weed "withdrawals" (I only use the quotes cuz they're nothing like opiate/alcohol/benzo withdrawals) shouldn't last any longer than a week at most. It's kinda odd that you're breaking out though...could come from any stress you're feeling from aforementioned withdrawals.

    I know what you mean about not being able to eat when you aren't high, though. That's why I stay high all the time. But if you feel like weed is putting a damper on the potential your life has, by all means cut down on the toking.
  4. Hey man I felt the same way you did, currently im a little over 4 months of no blazing.

    When I do start up again im gunna keep it under control, no getting fucked out of my mind faded anymore, just simply for relaxing.

    Oh and the withdrawal crap stopped after a month or so for me.

    Good luck brotha, it will get easier!
  5. Yea if you do anything daily it will affect you and once you stop your system will have some sort of small after to hear man, but I think its a good idea to stop and if you start again just keep it minimal don't go all out. Being high all day is what leads you to situations like this where you feel clouded all the time, once I started smoking only once a day I felt great never cloudy and always had my shit together and got shit done at the same time...

    That's the only advice I can think of hope it helps.
  6. Thanks all! Plus, it's a huge expense, and when I get back to it, do you have any idea how long a few grams will last me? ;)
  7. I've been feeling the same way lately. I've been thinking of doing some random ass shit like go on a trip to get away from everything just to clear my head and experience a bit more, without bud. I feel like I think and want bud nonstop for about the first 2-3 days since I can't really eat or sleep without smoking, then I start to return normal around a week to two weeks.

    I've also been thinking about just smoking one bowl a night instead of in the morning a few times, during the day a few times, and all night.

    Idk if I helped at all, doubt it, but I hope it all works out for ya man.

  8. When I first slowed down, I made a gram stretch 3-4 days, I would blaze small bowls int he evening only. So I imagine an eighth would have lasted around a months worth of time at the slowed down pace.
  9. Good luck WHL. Although it is generally easy to not smoke pot. I had to stop last yr for military enlistment and I noticed working out really helps with the "withdrawls" (lol @ pot withdrawl) but yea it makes you tired, hungry, and gets rid of bordem.
  10. you've been saturated for awhile man. i stayed high for years and when i finally had to stop for awhile i could hardly eat for like 3-4 days and couldn't sleep for about a week. when my appetite came back it was pretty healthy though, i was eating a lot more than i was when i was getting high before meals. sleep i still struggle with. in fact i still use cannabis to get to sleep but i don't smoke all day every day like i used to. usually just at night, sometimes not even then.

    i realize you might think it's good to structure your use but there's no need to get super strict with it. if you feel like smoking a bowl, smoke a bowl. just take your break and see what happens from there. good luck man. i'd grab a few beers and drink 1 or 2 around bedtime just to help ease yourself to sleep.
  11. Lol WHL i was just talking to Rose about how when i take a break I dont eat.

    The past 5 days i ate about 3-4 times, and that was dinner AND cause i smoked before it.

    The "withdrawls" i have are actually good, my days go faster, I feel like more cleansed? i guess..

    but I also get a little hyper every now and then, and i cant really sleep till 3-5 am, and i cant really get hungry

    This is like my 6th or 7th t break or just cutting back, since i started when i was 15
  12. When I stopped smoking on a daily basis I was in a horrible, pissy, irritated mood for about a week or two. I was miserable, all I thought about was weed and when I was going to smoke again. I started smoking only weekends (again like I used to) and now I am fine. I can buy and not smoke it that same day or the next. You'll be fine. Weekend smoking FTW. It keeps your tolerance low and you save $$.
  13. Yeah man, I just worked out! I'm gonna be doing that a few times a week.

    Yeah, I mean, I just won't be high for class. I skip sometimes. I should be fine, guys... the caf food sucks here too, so maybe that's also why I don't feel like eating...
  14. Takes like 2 weeks for that to pass and it is very unpleasant. Just make sure to stick to it and don't fail. Your going to be shitty for the next 2 weeks but after that bro you'll be straight. Back to your old self with eating and whatnot.
  15. Try exercizing a little bit every day. Nothing major but do it every day. You'll be surprised at how good it will make your head and body feel. It will help your appetite and you'll sleep better. Bike riding, a good fast walk, pushups, keep it light and simple.

    EDIT: Oops I see someone else already suggested that.
  16. its whatever dude...i stop smoking weed and its not shit...

    i agree with the lack of appetite but other than that its whatever dude...

    whenever you crave a fat ass blunt just flip on your xbox 360

    intense weed withdrawals? :laughing:

    not to be a dick but i totally think youre overreacting.

  17. They can be overwhelming

    the first time i had to break, for probation.. It literally felt like as soon as i woke up, and then went to sleep that 12-13 hours felt like 3.
  18. This. Is it that people have dependency issues if they get serious weed withdrawal or what? I'm not too sure, but personally I'd go months and months smoking every day, and have absolutely no problem stopping. The only things that were slightly affected were my sleep and eating habits, but those went back to normal within days.

    Shrug, seems I'm in the minority with this though.
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    yea whenever I dose up on some lsd i always rethink my life and how I fucked up, all the legal shit ive gotten into, all the cash ive spent on lawyers, basically everything bad ive done in my life I think about and tell myself Im gonna change and improve, but times goes on and i still catch cases and still act a fool n make horrible decisions.
    as for weed withdrawals, thats a stretch, its more like a bitch the first few days, but i wouldnt even consider it withdrawing. I never understood the cuttin down on weed thing, besides for tolerance reasons. Weed doesnt make me cloudy at all, if anything it makes me use my brain even more.
  20. I don't have an X-BOX 360; I'm university in residence.

    Man, I don't know what your definition of intense is, but...

    Stomach cramps? Nausea? No appetite? Trouble falling asleep at night? Breakouts? ANd I get really fucking sweaty at night when I'm sleeping.

    I know it'll pass... but it fucking sucks.

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