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Re-Running Larger Bubble Bags

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TopCross, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Hey guys so I just ordered my first set of bubble bags, I'm going to be running them with about 4 oz of sugar leaves, anyways if I was intending to go for the full melt hash and really had no interest in the hash from larger micron bags(over 120) is there any way to rerun the hash from the larger bags in order to get a smaller yield of higher quality hash?

    I guess I'm a sucker for quality over quantity, thanks!
  2. You can run your starting material as many times as you want however common sense dictates that you're going to get way less of a yield on your subsequent runs. Might be better to just do a really good job on the first run to get the most of the high quality stuff out there. Try throwing in dry ice with your material rather than regular ice/water, i've heard it works wonders. 
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    What I actually meant was not rerunning the starting material but the subsequent hash left in the larger size bags in order to get better hash from it with a smaller micron, e.g. I'd rather have 5 g of 70 micron hash, then 8-9g of varying if you know what I mean

    So I would taking the hash from a larger (e.g. 220 micron) bag and running it again to end up only with primo hash from the 70 micron bag
  4. No one knows if this is possible?
  5. No because the whole point of the different sized screens is so that only the larger trichomes get caught in the higher micron screen. If you're processing the material enough the first time, almost all of the smaller trichomes will have already fallen through to the next screen
  6. Ahh ok thanks I assumed the bags filtered out contaminants so I thought by pouring water through the bag I'd push crystals through which would be caught In a pricier for, within the smaller bag

    Thanks for clearing that up :)

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