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Re-rolling joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 6 7, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hello everone. I have about a gram of weed and some rolling papers. Would it effect the weed at all if i were to re-roll it just to practice rolling? I was worried it would become dry faster or something
  2. It will be fine. re-roll till you get it right. If you smoke tobacco, its a great way to practice rolling.
  3. if you dont have tobacco to practice on try rolling tea. tastes great and fun to roll.

  4. You've smoked tea joints? How was it?
  5. the more you handle the weed the less potent it will be.
  6. ^^Why smoke tea...?
  7. After the first time rolling its gonna be shaped into a cylinder, as long as you don't re-break up the bud everytime you roll and just use that cylinder over and over its straight.
  8. tea joints taste nice. but tea blunts are where its at haha. just smoke them for the taste.
  9. Honestly, I'd advise against doing it more than like 3 times. I'm always mad as shit whenever I gotta re-roll once I've already compacted all of the bud because every time I roll it, it gets more and more compressed and I end up with a gram joint that looks like a .7 or worse.

    While I doubt it really matters that much, I don't like having a shitty looking doob haha.
  10. Nope nothing wrong with that. If you want even more practice you can try using blunt guys or other smoking tobbacco.

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