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  1. I harvested my lady a few days ago i just cut the top two branches off of her and then the flowers leaving a little bush left.

    i replanted her in a 2 gallon pot full of soil & lime free sand for drainage

    Then i added a small amount of the organic chemical free miracle grow
    to feed her and now sticking her under 24/0 light

    there where several small flowering buds left "nothing wroth harvesting"

    and i plan to regenerate her.

    Will she grow ok since i cut the top off of her? its been 48 hours and she is still alive.

    I plan on veging her for several months until she has a lot of bush and then taking clones or just regenerating her for another crop

    I know not many people like miracle grow but iv used it in the past on 1 plant and she grew very tall bushy and green she seemed to like it a lot.
  2. She should be OK. I have re-vegged and used her as a mother. I don't think you would get much from a second harvest.
  3. Great information. She will live but probably not yield nearly as much. I try and take a clipping one a plant shows she is female and keep it as a mother that was I have great genetics rather than reveg then clone etc. Just loosing yield/potency the longer down the road of cloning generations.
  4. I find that hard to believe. Because the second time around she has longer to veg and will have more flowers then the last time.

    I know its different but a tomato plant wont give less tomatoes on its second harvest.
    plants are meant to go on for generations and live in sync with the seasons.

  5. Unless youve regened and have proof i'm pretty sure second crops produce less bud. Or atleast it wouldnt produce nearly the same amount with the same amount of veg time.
  6. I have proof.

    what people say about regeneration is a myth like a urban legend :smoke:
  7. Hey all, I've regenerated a plant and had much better growth rate, as well as fatter buds. I was using a DWC setup, and after harvesting, I pretty much ignored the plant for a few weeks, not even giving it light. Once I re-nuted and kicked the light back on, the leaves and stems started to show after a week or two, and then the growth took off from there. I'm currently one month into a two month flowering period with three plants in a single 22 gal tub (12 gallons of nutes), 400W digital ballast. Once I harvest, I intend to regenerate again, paying a little more immediate attention than the first time I tried it. I intend to keep regenerating until I experience diminishing marginal returns.

    I haven't researched too much what the word is about regeneration on this site, but it stands to reason to me that after this giant root structure has been developed in my bucket, it will only contribute to a greater growth, than when the plant was initially developing the roots.

    I'm open to all other opinions, criticism and experiences.

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