Re-pot or not?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Orbit887, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. My plant is bout 3 foot and has been budding quite nicely for the last 6 weeks. I think that it has not become root bound tho as I didn't plant it in quite as bigger pot that I should have. The leaves are now starting to all yellow and brown and curl upwards at the tips. I know that I've not been over-fertilizing it, but have just been moderately fertilizing it. Should I re-pot it now during it's flowering cycle? Will this stunt the growth of the buds or will it be damaging, or should I just let it be root bound till harvest. (Not too sure if it will make it that long tho!)
  2. What size of medium did you plant it in?

    what strain is it?....or more importantly what's it's flowering time

    usually it's a good idea to stop using ferts for the last 2 weeks of flowering to allow the plant to get rid of all the chemicals from the fert.

    sometimes in the last 2 weeks the plant will start to turn yellow....the big fan leaves and then the smaller fan leaves...this is a lack of nitrogen and is perfectly natural.....however a pic would be quite usefull.....and also a second oppinion other than mine

    i wouldn't re-pot her as the stress at this point of flowering may become too's probably got another 2 weeks to go till harvest.......Peace out....Sid
  3. sidious is exactly correct... if your plants that far into flowering your prolly better off leaving it... the leaves arnt whats important but do show signs of healthyness/nonhealthyness... you shuold be find if theres only two weeks left or so... i suggest stop ferts like sidious said cause of the nitrogen issues... good luick man keep us posted give us some pics!
  4. the strain is Orange bud. As it's growing outside it's growing quite slow so i recon i've got about another 4-6 weeks growth out of her yet before i'm going to start to harvest. none of the hairs have started to turn form white to brown or red yet. The plant is potted in peat/soil - high nutirent content. It now looks like all of the leaves are starting to turn, used to be only the larger ones, but now it's even the smaller leaves around the bud. As it's outside the buds are only bout 4-5inches long so would it be worth risking the move?
  5. if it's a calafornia orange bud it should be ready to harvest in 8/9 it possible that the plant wasn't getting or still isn't getting complete darkness for at least 12 hours??.....if i were you i wouldn't risk trying to re-pot her i think the stress will be too may have to wait as long as you can and then just accept what you have.....the pistols will start to turn orange or brown more in the last 2 weeks glands ........Peace out....Sid

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