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    When: Starts August 2nd goes on for however long we need.
    Where: Starts in Washington DC, but like the OccupyTogether protests, it can be organized anywhere really.
    What: We camp out, no violence, we camp out w, signs.
    How: Well, the site would be the first step.

    • Wear suits & nice clothes.
    • Peacefull is important guys!



    Why bitcoin?
    If these protests start to get large, it will make it harder for them to shut the site down.

    What Is Occupy To Legalize?
    Similar to OccupyTogether, it is a peaceful marijuana protest. We sit in, hold up signs, camp out, to bring abount the Legalization of Marijuana.

    So what would we be doing?
    Sit in, camp out, w/ signs.

    I want to help with the site!
    PM me.

    It's pointless.
    If we put enough effort, they can't ignore.


    C&P from other thread:

    Note: Instead of posting on who knows how many threads, lets orginize our efforts in this one.

    There has been a lot of talk about a marijuana protest, so here it is.
    I think we should have it on August 2nd (date marijuana was made illegal), or 4/20(up for debate) [date marijuana was made illegal) in San Francisco, California, Chicago, or d.c. (Again, up for debate)

    Also, as for publicity, a website is being made and should be out asap. Anyone who wants to help with anything (I'm using Joomla) can PM me.

    We should also create a twitter, tumblr, facebook, and anything other sites people can think of. It is probably a good idea to spread the word around to different marijuana-related forums. Contacting NORML and other marijuana sites should give us some publicity too.

    We should probably be careful about not breaking any laws & giving police an excuse to arrest us. So, it should be 100% peaceful. When police bother us, unless they are using weapons, or arresting us, ignore them. Try to film any police brutality. Will probably help us in the long term.

    I know people are going to get pissed at me for this, but I am not sure if it is even a good idea to smoke weed at the protest. This makes a really good excuse to arrest us.

    Dressing in nice clothing (suits, dresses etc) might be a good idea t break the stereotype.

    LonelyStonerx has created a logo for us.

    He also wrote this:
    Welcome to the Occupy to Legalize protest website.

    On [insert date], the citizens of the United States will join against the unjust marijuana laws that have ruined countless lives over the 75 years of prohibition. We will do this by gathering together and ligthing up in public, most prominently [insert main protest location]. It has been made blatantly clear by the government that mass disobedience is the only way to demolish the largely unjust prohibition we currently live under. The time make a difference is now, and united we cannot fall.

    Check this website for information about the protests nearest to you.
    As well as:
    The prohibition of marijuana, first fueled by racism and political gain first began in 1937. This prohibition has ruined countless lives in the now 75 years of it's existence. Since 1990, almost 6 million Americans have been incarcerated for marijuana charges; for a plant.

    There is an overwhelming number of reasons to legalize marijuana, and some of the strongest are:

    It's less detrimental than cigarettes and alcohol
    Alcohol is the direct cause of about 75,000 deaths per year.
    Cigarettes are the direct cause of about 440,00 deaths par year.
    In the recorded history, marijuana is the direct cause of ZERO deaths.
    The simple fact is, marijuana, directly from consumption, cannot kill anyone. It can't significantly hurt you at all. That should be reason enough to legalize. By logic of the prohibition, cigarettes and alcohol should also be illegal and punishable by years in prison for simple possession.

    It would be a huge blow to the black market and drug cartels
    The marijuana prohibition is closely comparable to the prohibition of alcohol. When it was illegal, you saw the black market and cartels skyrocket, along with the horrible crimes associated with it. It was an unregulated and chaotic system and violent crime rose significantly. This all occurred because of the simple fact that you can't enforce a law that people don't agree with.

    Marijuana is the #1 cash crop on the planet, higher than the price of gold pound for pound. It is a very lucrative and thriving business, pulling more and more people into crime. They are then imprisoned for non-violent crimes, then being put into prison with murderers, usually coming out violent offenders.

    Prohibition makes marijuana easier to access among youth and children
    Most youth will tell you that it's easier to get marijuana than it is to get cigarettes and alcohol. This is because sales don't have to go through a regulated system. It's a wild west. There's a climbing number of drug dealers who don't care who you are or how old you are as long as you have the money. Unlike stores who require ID to buy cigarettes or alcohol.

    It is the most versatile and safe natural medicine known to man
    Anything from pain management to nausea. It is thought to help with hundreds of conditions. You cannot overdose on it, and it's not proven to cause any harmful long term effects whatsoever.

    Legalization could generate as much as 7 billion dollars in taxes
    Through taxation and regulation, it can generate roughly 7 billion dollars in sales tax if it's legalized. Provide jobs and new businesses in this critical time for our economy.

    Among so many others that you can find simply by researching online, it becomes increasingly clear that the only logical conclusion would be to demolish the prohibition. It's just an odd thing when a government bans natural substances, especially when that natural substance isn't harmful in any significant sense. And with now the majority of Americans agreeing with the legalization of marijuana, it's still not even up for debate in the federal government. So the time to stand up and make a difference is now. Attend a local protest on August 2nd, 2012.

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