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Re-Hydrating Weed Seems Unscientific

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Whatpottt123, Aug 11, 2019.

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  1. Why would anyone want to add mass to one's weed making the THC % less. Cause anytime you add mass to an object, it will water down the contents.

    Is this just for aesthetics or like for the purpose of holding the nug together better?

    I cant see this technique helping one's high or medical purposes....
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  2. so your logic is the bigger the bud(mass), the lower the THC?

  3. What????? Re-hydrating weed to add mass?
  4. Weed will weigh more on a scale after hydration cause you added moisture to it.

    When you add weight to weed you're just diluting the THC to non-THC ratio or comparison. Do you know what I mean?
  5. Thats why I don't get why re-hydrating weed is worth it. Cause you're actually smoking a bit more water vapors now.
  6. For sales
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  7. I never re-hydrate my weed......cuz it never needs rehydrating. I dry and cure my buds and then keep them in proper storage....
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  8. shady dealers do it so the weed weighs more/ make more money.

    Nobody is spraying their own weed with water so its heavier before they smoke it lol...wait, maybe you are?
  9. Look up re-hydration, i don't think you know what i means ....
  10. I'm not looking up re-hydration... You have no idea what your talking about

    you've had 4 different people tell you that your wrong/ misinformed

    why don't you fill us all in on "re-hydration"?

    educate us.
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  11. You're making yourself look more and more stupid now :lmafoe:

    You thought rehydration meant spraying weed with water and proceeded to diss me lol.

    everyone prob laughing at you
  12. aren't you the one who asked why your weed has red hairs? and if your weed is going to get MORE frosty as it gets older after it has already been chopped/dried/and cured?

    if your getting dusty ass weed that is so dry you need to rehydrate it, you should get a new supply.

    Yes, dealers spray weed with water so its heavier/can sell less for more.... I'm not the only one in this thread that has told you that.
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  13. ^ LOL

    and you're still yapping? if i were you i'd just leave cause i'd be so embarassed
  14. @Whatpottt123

    Trust me bro.

    and I mean this with 100% sincerity. YOU are the one that looks like an idiot

    #1 your QUESTIONS went as follows

    so EVERYONE, including my self. told you that NOBODY re-hydrates weed to ADD MASS, other than for SELLING LESS WEED TO MAKE MORE MONEY.

    You called ME stupid. so I pointed out that you asked a few hours ago why your weed has orange hairs/if its going to get frostier over time even though its already been chopped/dried/and cured. which might be one of the dumber questions I've read on this site, right up there with "what kind of weed is this" threads.

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  16. Why did you say this?
  17. You're the epitome of a goofy. You didn't know what re-hydration meant and started talking shit.
  18. I dont have time to argue with inbreds on the internet. have a great life
  19. It mean restoring lost water or fluid that has been lost,,so whys there a disagreement? Everyone has told u,,and if u know what and how to dry and cure shouldnt have any issues,,u joined on th 5th and already bashing guys on here? Tellin people to just leave n shit lmfao ooookkk(slater voice)

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  20. Gtfo then this aint the place for guys like u!!!

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