Re-Howdyz all 'round from Georgia

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ColoradoWolf, May 23, 2002.

  1. Well ... I'm back. Lock up the kiddies ... and hide the goldfish. Heh. ;)

    Finding a job was an absolute motherfucker, lemme tell ya'. I found one, though ... in a galaxy far, far away. Almost. After moving all over the damn U.S., to land in L.A., then back to Denver last fall, I have ended up in middle Georgia. Go figure. The job looks to be a good one, so it's all good. The people here talk funny, though. ;) Could just be me, though. :D

    Well, I had a nice li'l apartment-warming gift left for me by the previous occupants. A phat half-lid. Gotta dig that. Now, I just gotta find a decent headshop, and pick up the appropriate smokin' goodies. I could roll a joint ... but I'm wanting to get a pipe (AGAIN) and (just to cover my ass in case of a dreaded piss test) cleansing goodies. Anybody know of good shops in the middle Georgia area? If so, I'd appreciate the input. :)

    Well, I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of being a blade. See y'all 'round the board! (Did I say that right? After all, I'm Southern, now. Heh. ;) )

  2. Glad to see ya made it back to the city. I hope everything goes well for ya down in Georgia. A beautiful place if you like the big cities!
  3. And welcome to the South!! LOL, I recently posted a joke regarding advice to Northerners moving to the South, and ALOT of it rings true!!! LMAO!! Just keep using ya'll, and add "fixin' to" and "big ole' " and you'll fit right in!!! :D: :D:

    Some of my other personal favorites are: "You ain't never lie" (when you make a valid point) and "Yeah you right" (agreement to a statement made) LMAO!! :D: :smoking:

    Oh yeah, and don't forget, ya''ll is singular, all ya'll is plural !! lol :smoke:
  4. Glad to see ya back, wolfie!! :wave: I'll talk to you soon. :)
  5. Thanks, y'all! (I'm practicing ... Does it show? :cool: )

    It's good to be back ... Good to be back doin' my own gig (livin' with the 'rents started to get quite burdensome, but they're good people).

    I'll have to check out your post, cowboysaxman ... Hell knows I could use the advice. Heh. :cool:

    I'll be seein' you on the boards.

  6. what part of georgia do you live in?
  7. Hola CheebaLaGanja, I live in middle Georgia, the Forsyth/Macon/Warner Robins area.


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