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Re:Fruits and vegetables

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by CLINT, Dec 29, 2012.

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    Our health want to get healthy vitamins.There are many vitamins in a fruit and vegetables so my suggestion is that eat fresh fruit and vegetables and get healthy benefit.....
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  2. Somebody nominate this guy for the Nobel Peace Prize...
  3. Wow, that's phenomenal! Here I was want to take healthy vitamin when all I needed to do was eat a fruit and vegetables and get healthy benefit!
  4. Too bad its too much common sense for most people to actually do lol
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    The problem is the fruits and veggies you get at your grocery stores offer very little to no nutritional value due to genetic modification, the extreme amounts of toxic pesticides used to grow/nurture them, and the fact that our government/big agriculutral companies force farm owners to reuse the same land over and over again, for many years (this has been the case since 1936 iirc). Furthermore, they're also sprayed to shit once they arrive at the stores to keep them "fresh"

    Supplements are key imo. It's just a matter of finding a reliable company.
  6. ^ Thats why you should buy organic and from farmers market if possible. No animals in nature take supplements. They find the good shit and eat it.
  7. Agreed, but it's tough when you're a college student living in California... organic stuff here costs twice as much, sometimes more. :/

  8. still better than eating mostly meat with overcooked veggies and maybe a small salad.

  9. organic is a joke, just buy local.

  10. So your food cant be taken seriously until you mutate its DNA and spray it with pesticides, herbicides, and fungicide chemicals and feed it man made chemical fertilizers that only contain NPK? Ok.

  11. No he's saying that organic is a joke because a lot of the time it's not as happy go organic as you think. Local foods will mostly always be healthier because it's the freshest. There's an organic local farmers market in my town, you can tell the difference between their veggies and the grocery store's overpriced veggies with a big "organic" sticker on it.

  12. ^ Yea theres definitely some shitty organic produce in some grocery stores. Because A lot of times its older than the conventional option because they dont rotate organic as often and basically wont through it out until it starts decaying on the shelf and then have the balls to charge double the price for a grainy ass apple. (the bastards) But that makes the grocery store a joke not organic right.
  13. Difference between organic and conventional

    Convential is often genetically modified to be resistant to pests and herbacides
    Conventional uses highly.concentrated chemical firtalizer.

    Organ foods use the same firtalizer as conventional except derive it from natural sources ie compost.

    The idea that organic can't feed the world is just silly.

    Conventional farming is all about convenience. Not producing more food
  14. Your fresh organic greens (spinach, broccoli, kale, mustard greens, parsley), avocados, and organic berries are going to be your most potent sources of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Organic nuts and seeds are overlooked powerhouses of minerals and anti-oxidants; some of which contain more anti-oxidants than most fruits and veggies.

    Organic is a joke? Buy conventional produce and organic produce and see which one 'spoils' quicker - as in which one life is attracted to eating quicker. If bugs and birds, sources of life, don't want to eat your fruits and veggies because they're poisonous, why do you want to eat it? 'Big Organic' or not, organic farmers have a set of standards they need to follow that is a night and day difference between conventional farming.
  15. I don't care to be honest, I only buy enough food to last me for a couple days. Big organic can be a real joke. Locally grown organic farmers market foods will last fewer days than them, if that's the basis on which you pick out your food haha.

    Sorry, but farmers markets > grocery store 'organic' companies any day, bud.

  16. the standards for what is organic and isnt is a joke... its pretty much entirely marketing so they can charge more...
  17. There are actually several reasons that organic is so important.

    One is gmo patent laws.

  18. + The fact that we aren't poisoning the planet and ourselves with pharmaceutical chemicals
    + The fact that food producers are forbidden to use preservatives
    + The fact that animals aren't treated with growth hormones and antibiotics
    + The fact that 'organic land' has to be free of pharmaceutical chemicals for three years

    I fail to understand how organic food 'is a joke' when there's a clear difference between conventional plastic food and organically natural food.



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