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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by ill bill, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Anyone else miss the freestyle thread? Well i do, so im about to start it again haha. Anyone and everyone feel welcome to post, rooks and vets alike. Ill start it off with a quickie:

    Here we go,

    comin straight from D-town, well known to lay em down,
    cause I wreck emcees on the mo'fuckin mic,
    wanna get at me, take ya chance roll the dice,
    matta of fact, this heres a lyrical heist,
    cause im stealing the show, ya rep, ya ho, and ya life,
    go head pray to god, its time get spiritual,
    cause goin vs me, you gonna need a damn miracle,
    matta of of fact, you can call me truman
    droppin a-tom bombs, leave you crew in ruins man,
    i dont cut skin deep, i mince words to kill
    fuckin with b-ill, its my wrath you gon feel,
    got my eyes on the prize, you know the damn deal,
    cowardly cats tuck ya tails, and turn heel,
    soon as you exit, hit ya in the back with the steel,
    pop-pop-pop, lyrical war for real

    like i said nothin special, just gettin it started/
  2. listen bill you aint nice and no you dont drop bombs.
    you beating me is mission immposible like Tom.
    The Storm behind me, homie you can call this the calm.
    "hit ya in the back with the steel" yo thats some pussy shit for real.
    matter of fact, line was so wack imma call you O'Neal.


    *please dont take any of this seriously...this is a battle...a lyrical battle, nothing personal.*
  3. You don't fuck with TT yeah thats me, two t's means double teamed
    Blow off the steam cause my lyrics are clean I already seen
    How you rap worse than a teen, I'm a fiene when it comes to rap scenes
    You gotta keep your skill keen or you'll never beat double T
    Any motherfucker can rap about killing me, thats not any skill B
    Walk down my street, I'll leave you hanging by your feet, G
    Can't you see how my lyrics are real and not a fantasy?
    Yeah I reached my destiny to burn you and leave you crying desperately
  4. ayo, from new york to wylid- i pump ho'z and peel lids- wykidd, ima rip off your mother fucking eyelids-
    i pack toast- n cause roasts- all *****z get ghost-
    im fucking moppin you *****z out 4 real- and if you feel real- imma cut you up till you fucking squeel-
    and im da big dog, while you lil *****z hamster- fucking around and find your wifes head in your mothers hamper-
    and shit with that said, i jux bread, and bust mad led, and bust mad led- and leave all your fucking goonz dead-
    i take this shit from new york to great brittain- no love for yall chickens- good riddens-
    bill i would'nt b suprised if u was dat ***** clinton-
    but ayo im pure crazy- i wont hesitate 2 put wholes in ya mommas baby-
    finished 45th- i got clips- n swell up punk lips- this is funny as hell becuz yur ho dripz-
    n fuck creepin- i bust ears while im speakin- fuck around n i'll leave u in my trunk with your temple leaking-

    WHAT!! NYC biatchhhh lol:D:D
  5. New york aint shit just a bunch of premature jerks, I drink my erk n jerk this is Jersey
    I'll carve you like a fresh turkey and snap you like beef jerky, you don't get no courtesy
    Yeah you bless me, cause you can't mess with me, I'm a pirate with a chest
    I don't express enough about how I'm the next best, dressed in success your balls weigh less
    I'm like an army tank with the highest rank, you *****, you walk the plank
    & if we in jail then you get shanked, I'm not shooting blanks, got mad dough in the bank
    New york stank, I'll sip you up like a drank you in a boat and you just sank


    This is Djerzey, your worst enemy, I come in a squad, I got plently of rhymes, rap back & you wasting your time
    People worship me like a shrine, I torture you like a swine, you ain't nothing boy, you mine
    Ya girl looking fine so I sent her to pick you up some lines, maybe next time you'll be ready in line
    You worth a dime, I'm worth more than time, I'll bury you in the jerzey pines, ***** thats not a lie
    You can even try all day but you ain't going win okay?

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