re doing my room (not weed question but want advice from stoners)

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  1. so yeah im re doing my room lol but i dont know what to put =/ i want it to be the perfect place to toke in! so far all i can think of is bean bag chairs and a good music system some some bob marely posters haha what else should i have to have a great stoner room?
  2. futon?

    mini fridge for drinks/snacks?


    video game system? dvd player?


    shades so its dark?

    coffee table to put down the bong or whatever?
  3. already have a xbox 360 and tv but other then that good ideas =]
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    black lights, black light paint, and a cabinet to put all your pieces
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    tv, video games, comfortable seating, music, table/desk, food are good ideas...

    the guy above said futons and those are sweet if you have a few people in your room, just turn your bed into a couch and get the video games going. xbox360 and the new systems have their place but i personally think the old school systems are key when you're high.

    I have coloured christmas lights going around my room, it's dark but just bright enough to see when they're on and the main light is off, it's so nice and so chill at the same time, perfect for getting high

    btw this is a sweet thread, i love a nice atmosphere for smoking.
  6. you definitely need some weed.
  7. Smoking jackets like Hugh hef has would be tight. But that might just be me.

  8. christmas lights are a great idea...i wanna get some now
  9. Bean bag chairs are so 90's... go for the Lov Sac...

  10. whats your budget?
  11. theres this nice ass beanbagish chair thing, i forgot what it was called bt its was nice, it was like $200 tho.

  12. This is basically perfect.


    NO.1 Thing you need is a huge digital clock... so helpful for getting shit done high
  13. i would love to have a NES with the old mario games but i hear they are pretty damn expensive
  14. Damn nes's are worth something? i might sell mine that get a few bucks.
  15. 60 inch wall mounted plasma with sorround sound :D
  16. Definitely get some fuckin posters and shit on them walls.

    Like movie ones, pineapple express perhaps? tee hee
  17. im gunna try lol that movies bomb :p
  18. well if it were me, i would do a whole theme to it, For example, I always thought it would be cool to have old movie/tv memorabilia and old advertisement posters on the wall, have an old school juke box(one of the ones that actually plays records) a drinking fountain that dispenses kool aid, mini fridge, microwave etc.

    My walls would be dark vibrant blue, and the trim would be white.

    But that is just me, whatever you do, just do something creative.

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  19. Red bulb in your lamp, creates a nice atmosphere.
  20. lol the fountain with kool aid would be sweet! but i would have to make it red hawian punch =] and i was thinking of painting my walls either orange or blue cus bright colors make me happy while high lol but i have to ask the landlord first i guess =/

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