RE: Conservatives won Canada... AKA WE LOSE

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    so harper won, he's gonna stomp all over what's going on in ontario supreme court,
    he's going to make 12 billion dollar super jails,
    and he's going to raise minimum sentences to 1 yr.

    .... sigh.


    here's a nice list of shit he wants to do:
    1) take our tax money and make 12billion dollar super jails
    2) minimum 6 month sentence for POSESSION
    3) 1yr/plant sentence for CULTIVATION
    4) Cut healthcare funding for massive planes canada can't even support (maintenance etc etc)
    5) Unify Canada, USA, Mexico, to the North American Union (they tried in '06 public raged)
    6) Unified Currency: Amero
    i'm sure there's more but...
  2. wait what exactly happened?
  3. harper and his conservatives are going to win the 155 seats necessary for a majority government. The previous government was a conservative minority that was kept in check by the opposition parties. Harper will now have free reign to implement his lunatic policies unopposed
  4. I'm no Canadian but whats this guy harper about/whats he want to do?
  5. impose minimum jail sentences and join us with the north american union, introducing the amero. kinda like europes euro. were all much for canadian soveriegnity (N)
  7. id actually like to see him try and join us with the many riots would break out lol
  8. I'm scared.
  9. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk thissssssssssssss shitttttttttttttt
  10. Ya, I don't want Canada to join U.S. because that's where I was going to go if shit hit the fan.........guess Australia's lookin pretty good. :bolt:
  11. Fuuuuuu.........

    Oh well, any publicity is good publicity. This made people more aware of the fight, and that's a good thing. :smoke:
  12. if US Canada and Mexico join
    all of europe is gonig to join, all of asia
    then the world
  13. has he said he wants to do this? i would look up myself but i have a bowl to pack.
  14. Fuck, u got conservatards up there too?!!!
  15. yes he did minus the amero. he wants to impose minimum sentences for youth and for small marijuana related crimes. he wants super jails and only cares about businesses that give him what he wants.
  16. How many of the Canadians on here actually voted? I doubt many did since "voting isn't cool". Don't talk unless you can say you voted for something else.
  17. I voted NDP.

    *sigh* this sucks.
  18. We get by all right here in the USA, and no matter what you will still be in better shape than us.
  19. This is why mars looks so appealing.
  20. Well why did so many Canadians vote for the conservatards(or not vote and by doing so let the conservatards win)? We always have the same bs happen here in the states. The young people would rather stay home on their facebook and play COD than go out and vote. As a result all of the old people go out and vote for clinically insane bible beating conservatards. Then the young generation sits around bitching about it while continuing to do nothing.

    Anyway this is your chance to actually take some action. How about some mass protests against his diabolical plans or something?

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