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    One of my last posts on this forum were regarding cannabis causing weight loss and constant nausea. I think people thought I was mad. But, I had reason to be concerned because I have had Cancer.

    Anyway, I thought I would supply an update. Maybe others have been through, or may go through this at some point in their lives.

    Around April last year I started smoking weed throughout the day. I was abusing it. My tolerance was increasing and I needed more and more to get high. I'd wake and bake, and smoke until bed time. At some points I didn't even feel high and I started to question the quality of weed. The truth is I was just smoking far too much.

    A few months later I noticed I would wake up feeling constantly sick to my stomach. I don't recall ever being sick, apart from once. I would heave numerous times though. The sickness would remain for a long time. I found a hot bath would cure it.

    I really struggled to eat too. Nothing was turning my taste buds on. I remember walking around the supermarket feeling sick looking at the food. My partner would ask "What's for dinner" and I just couldn't imagine any food that would make me eat.

    Because I've had Cancer I started to really get worried. I didn't want to go to the doctor in fear of hearing I had Cancer again. I got depressed and continued to smoke to take my mind off things. I was making my symptoms much worse. There were days when I wouldn't even eat. Smoking weed usually produces munchies for most, but not for me.

    One day in August my mother came around and said "Son, you need to eat you look skinny". I checked my weight and sure enough I was down to 76kg at one point. I've never been this weight in my life. I am usually around 14 stone. This is when I started to take notice of the problem. I done a lot of reading on possible causes aside from Cancer. I found this Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which explained a lot.

    I decided to work on cutting down how much I smoke. In November I finally had it under control and was only smoking after 6pm. By this time I would have had chance to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Slowly I started to get my appetite back and the nausea was starting to go away. I was eating more regular, although I was only eating small portions of food. I couldn't stomach much else. I remember Christmas day I really struggled to eat my dinner.

    I was gaining weight but very slowly.

    By now I'd already been for my regular Cancer checkups (I have 4 per year now). I had CT scan and chest xrays. All came back fine. My bloods were normal too. I was starting to realize it wasn't the Cancer returning.

    End of December we moved house. And really, from this point things improved dramatically. I stopped smoking cigarettes the day I moved and I started using my Arizer Solo instead of joints. I do miss a joint, but I feel much better now I use my vape.

    The day I stopped smoking I began to eat like a horse. And since that day I have not stopped eating. I am constantly hungry. I'm now 14 stone, I work out a little, and things are back to normal again. I also now have the munchies again after I smoke :) I need to replace chocolate and junk for something a little more healthy though.

    I did a test the other week. I decided to smoke in the daytime for a couple of days to see how that affected me. And once again I started to feel less hungry. I also woke up aggitated and in a foul mood. But, I did it to confirm whether or not the weed was making me this way. In my case it was partly responsible.

    I feel the tobacco smoking probably also played some part too.

    I see a lot of people say things like this are not possible. And I've read many forums to know that others do have the same issues. So, if anyone is experiencing anything similar just know that you're not alone :)

    I would have posted this sooner, but I got locked out of my Hotmail account and forgot my password.
  2. Interesting read. Glad you're better. Maybe the stuff you're smoking is too strong for you. I know when i come off of a break and try to smoke like i did i get nausea and a not so pleasant high.

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