rdwc white widow x4 / cmh 315w / 4x4

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    This will be my first real attempt at hydro. Initially I had a single bucket going but I ran into problems. Extremely unstable ph + temp encouraged me to build a recirculating system..... here she be

    rockwool plugs to start the germ'd seeds. I used a couple drops of Liquid Karma in a bowl of ph'd water and let the plugs soak for 24 hours. Then popped the seeds into the plugs and forgot about them for almost a week. Threw these gals into their forever homes and yet again did my best to forget about them until I had roots touching water. The rest is kind of blurry for me. Recently got a pitbull pup and this damn thing is worse than both of my kids at their worst combined. Soooooo I lost track of my days here but I'll do my best to keep track from this point forward.

    This grow I'll be using the following:

    + Botanicare Pure Blend Pro line
    + Tap water (160 ppm)
    + Vitamin C to remove chloramine
    + CaliMagic by GH
    + Pro Guard potassium silicate
    + Liquid Kool bloom (maybe)
    + Voodoo Juice

    + 1 extraction
    + 1 intake
    + 1/4 hp chiller
    + 1 cmh 315w (4200k for veg, 3100k for flower)
    + 4x4 gorilla tent

    ***Posted readings will be in .5 conversion

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  2. I like mostly everything, but you have no biological control to prevent water molds. Silica is nice, helps, but I mean like active bacillus. Its a terrible shame to get to week three flower and have your crop crap out on you. Happened to me last time when I ran out of controls.
    I've been eyeballing RootShield WP as a deterant. Its costly up front, but its actually very cheap overall, and lowest amount of investment (time, etc) as you only treat your plants once every 4-6 weeks.
    Also, if you are using tap, I suggest adding a (very) small amount of epsom to your water to supplement the magnesium. The Ca:Mg ratio in tap is not quite what the plant will want. You might be able to skip the calmag; at least use 1/2 dose.
  3. I forgot to mention I'm using Voodoo Juice as well(added now). I believe it has active bacillus . I do plan on using myco grow for maintaining root health. I've read it only needs to used once per grow and that it is pretty darn effective even with high water temps. Was kind of wondering if the Voodoo juice was good enough...

    Appreciate the advice, be a reaaaal shame if it crapped out during or before flower. I'll take all the guidance I can get thank you!

    Have you heard of myco grow by blue sky organics?

    "Myco-Grow™ is a wettable powdered form, super concentrated 4 specie-consortium of highly pure and viable propagules of endomycorrhizal fungi with added soluble yucca extract and soluble kelp. This customized blend is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the cannabis plant by rapidly colonizing and expanding the root system (up to 100-1000 times). Myco-Grow™ achieves this by forming a symbiotic relationship with the existing root system and extending into the surrounding rhizosphere, which in turn drastically increases the plants ability to uptake water and nutrients, promoting superior crop quality, faster root growth, extreme drought tolerance, disease suppression, and ultimately maximum crop yields. "

    @$60 for a 1 lb bag I really want to be sure it'll do what i need it to
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    Actually 16 oz's for $80 at the hydro store

  5. nope, I'm a Canuck as well, so lot of regulation with the over-the-border stuff.

    edit* the RootShield is $150 (CAD) per pound. but you will probably never have to buy it again...
  6. Great White is what I use and won't grow without it.
    Roots stay like snow
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    Yeah that's what I keep hearing. Cost of licensing required for importing active cultures outweighs the profit of selling them...something along those lines at least.

    That is ridiculous.

    I'll have to check it out good to see ya here HD. As you can see I went with cmh so hopefully it stands up to its rep
  8. Man I use hortilux 315. There bulbs are by far superior.

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  9. What makes them better than say Philips branded bulbs?
  10. I had them both running side-by-side trust me plus they have 50% more UV than any bulb on the market my friend Robbie 714 that grows with Quantum boards was looking at them for me and he was watching The Whole bulb production plant. Take one on the box if you go to a hydro store and have them compare the size of them to the Phillips Argo. I use those for 2 years they were great until these came out

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  11. Hey have you ever read about Heisenberg Tea? This dude wrote a whole article on how to, why to, when to, etc... I use to make it and use it, but for 12 bucks I can get Great White and I'm lazy
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  12. Well I have my bulbs now so when they stop working effectively I'll have to check out hortilux. So many damn bulbs

    Yes I have! Hey me TOO! Ya I'll most likely go the easiest route possible. The tea seems pretty messy
  13. obscura1548611648055.jpg

    Water change a few days ago plants seem to be doing much better
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  14. Hey....Get the fuck outta my tent...Oh, wait a minute, I'm only doing 3 this time, that ain't my tent. duh
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    Noticing faster growth since change. EC still a tad too high(like I was when i mixed current soup) so will be changing water sooner than 7 days.

    The 2 on the right are less developed due to an air stone blocking the return. It came loose by not having enough slack airline in the bucket then me lifting the pot like a chimp. Not nearly enough to lift and check anything. All fixed now.
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  16. Whatcha growin on over there?
  17. Barney Farms LSD.
    Was using HID stuff, I'm gonna switch to QB's by Friday depending on when my lights arrive.
  18. Dope as fuuuck

    What model did you get? I'm still wanting to do QBs myself. Ended up with cmh because I'm an impatient mofo

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