RDWC White Widow - Without Airstones!

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    OK,, Last Grow harvested, Time for a NEW GROW!

    This one is the same setup as my last, with a couple of modifications, including not using an air pump::

    4 Bucket RDWC
    20 Gallon Controller
    Small Pump in Controller pointed up (Flooming)

    Feed Line - .5"
    Return Line = 1.5"
    25 Gallons Total in system

    400 Watt Cool Tube MH (HPS in flower)
    420 CFM 6" Exhaust Fan
    As you can see by the pics, I have .5" tubing running inside the top of the buckets. I poked 6 holes in the tubing and inserted the Barb connectors you would use to attach a drip line, so they are kinda spraying into the bucket water below.

    I did take the precaution of installing 4" round air stones and line to the air pump, just in case this does not work, I can always kick on the pump. I know how much we all hate the Noise and Heat those things give off, so lets hope the flooming and spray lines provide enough DO to do the trick.
    Clones went into the system yesterday afternoon, so I am considering today as Day 1.

    PH = 6.0
    PPM = 30 (.5 conv)
    Temp = 76
    Water = 70
    Humidity = 40%

    I top fed the girls this morning, added my Frozen Water bottle and will check the water temp shortly to see where I am sitting with the bigger res and 2 liter bottles.

    I want to start Nutes as soon as possible, but not sure whether I need to wait for Roots to Drop, or just get em started tomorrow??????

    Other than that, I am off to the races and hoping to be able to get by without the air pump!! Its soooo much quieter..

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  2. Nice set up yo! Im not a pro but I waited till I saw roots out the bottom of my net pots! What strain you growing? Ill ne watching this thread!
  3. Great to have you on Board.. Yea, I am looking for roots at this point,, as soon as I seem some, I will more than likely get started on the Nutes. Running AN Again cause I have leftovers from the last grow.

    As it says in the Title,, White Widow is the strain of the hour.

  4. Ya sorry man I should paid more attention ha ha WW is a great strain if cured properly its a beautiful smoke and It took about 3-4 days to see roots the clone I got where survivers and I have to use my green thumb to make em grow this big but once I see roots I started nuets but I wish you the best of luck on this grow and ill be watching! Happy growing!
  5. subbed, I think those sprayers will work great, it's like a combo aeroponics and RDWC.
    I'd start with 25% nutes now

  6. Why would you waste nuets when there is no roots under the pot what's the point?
  7. spraying on to the hydroton that will wick up the nutes to the roots of the clones, those clones are big enough to have roots that need nutes in order to grow.

  8. The sprayers are basically meant to just help with the DO. They are not really spraying on the roots or anything, but I certainly see what you are saying :D

    And, I have to agree, I am going to start 1/4 Strength nutes today and start getting them adapted to it. Since I am top feeding at the moment, the roots will get fed.

    Lights just came on, so I need to check how things are going this morning.

    Will keep the Journal Updated!! :wave:
  9. OK,, I pulled a gallon of water from the controller and mixed my AN M,G,B with CalMag and B52 all at 1/4 Strength, then added that back to the system.

    I need to wait a little longer before taking readings, but after a few minutes of circulating my numbers look like this:
    PH - 5.8
    PPM - 480 (.5 conv) or 0.9ec
    Temp - 78
    Water - 67
    Humidity - 45%

    I will top feed again in an hour or so..

    I also put in a Plug In Thermostat to help control the Space heater a little bit. The thermostat on the space heater kinda sucked, so I purchase the LUX programmable thermostat, and that seems to be working out nicely. I need to maintain a more constant room temp without having to run down to the room and make adjustments.

    New PH Meter and Water temp gauge should be here early next week.
  10. This morning I have a couple of roots poking out the netpots of 2 of 4 of the girls, and all 4 of the ladies look pretty darn good..

    My last grow was my first Hydro grow and during the acclimation period, those plants looked like they were gonna die. All drooped over and sad. Only one of the these new ladies tried to do a little droop, but today has undrooped her leaves and everyone looks GREAT! SO I think we are off to the races!!!!

    Top fed again this morning and took a couple of readings,, although it was just lights on, so probably too early to get accurate.

    PH - 6.0
    PPM - 540 (.05 conv) This is up from yesterday? but I think the 1/2" water evap loss may be why.
    Temp - 76
    Water - 69

    Looks like my water level is down 1/2", so I will go ahead and top off in just a few moments.

    I will also hook up the Top Off res today and get that up and operational.
  11. Today I have a Root poking out of each net pot..

    PH - 5.93
    PPM - 508
    Temp - 75
    Water - 65
    Humidity - 47%

    Girls look good, so not much to update.
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    Girls look good today.. More roots coming out the bottom and sides of the net pots, and they look nice and healthy! I stopped Top Watering yesterday..

    PH - 5.97 (will probably work on getting this a little lower today)
    PPM - 508 (1.0 EC)
    Temp - 75
    Water - 65
    Humidity - 49%

    I brought the light down as low as it will go yesterday afternoon..

    Tomorrow will be day 7,, So I will take some pics and post em.

    I also must say that I am loving the LUX Plug-In Thermostat control. It has been keeping a constant temp in the room. I gave a couple of degrees difference from night and day and will probably give another couple so we have about a 5 degree difference between night and day temps, up until Flower Time, when I will keep them more constant to help maintain the stretch.

    So far So Good!
  13. We have reached day 7 of the first week :hello:

    PH - 5.63 (little lower than I wanted it to be - DAMN METERS!)
    PPM - 489
    Temp - 75
    Water - 66
    Humidity - 41%

    Roots don't seem to be Growing very fast, but are growing, and the plants are showing new growth up top.

    I installed the Top Off Res bucket and Float Valve yesterday, although Its not needed just yet, it should be good to go when its time.

    Pics are of this morning just after lights on..

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  14. they are very healthy looking, you'll be seeing more root's every day.
  15. Now they'll take off!
  16. Basic Update Today:

    PH - 5.85
    PPM - 470
    Temp - 75
    Water - 68
    Humidity - 53%

    I bought a new replacement PH Electrode yesterday, and conditioned it for 2 hours before calibrating. Seems to work fine, but I am having to Calibrate it before each use at this point. This morning my reading went from 5.85 yesterday afternoon to 6.12 this morning.. Considering there is not much going on in the system yet, I figured that could not be right, so I dipped it into the 7.01 solution, and the reading was high.. So I calibrated and ended back up at my 5.85.

    Roots still not heading for Water like they were starving or anything, but I can see the Roots taking over the Hydroton. They are all over, Thick and Fluffy White, poking out of the net pots. I do have a couple with roots out the bottom that are in the soup. My water level is RIGHT under the net pot at this point (1/8").

    Also seeing more Growth from the Nodes. These have doubled in size and quantity since yesterday.
  17. Well, I noticed it yesterday, but today is really showing what I thought I saw, and that is TIP BURN on one of the girls. Yes, its only 1 Plant that has leaf tip burn, so that is a little confusing, and now I am not sure whether I should thin out the Nutes or just leave it be??

    I circled the Burned tips in one of the attached pics. The leaves have also changed to a darker shade of green instead of the Lime Green they were earlier in the week.

    PH - 6.0
    PPM - 560 (.5 conv) After Calibration - So its higher than I thought it was all week. Thanks again Hanna!
    Temp - 74
    Water - 69
    Humidity - 53%

    Pics Attached!!

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    id lower the nutes brother....take a look at my thread...my dope is like 33-35 days flower...my ppms are at 800

    contrary to popular belief...more does not always mean better....i checked out the first page seeing that im going to modify my dwc buckets and was curious about you no airstones :D

    but with you babies at such an early stage...i would not have those ppms anywhere above 350 until well established....and then bump it up to where you are at now...

    might be a pain in the ass to change out the res...but believe me, in the long run, you will save yourself a load of trouble...and your plant will reward you with it

    ph is a lil high also...try to get it down to the 5.6-5.8 range....other than that you looking solid brother!
  19. Hey, Thanks for the Reply!!

    Keep in mind that this is only 1/4 Strength of what the bottle says and AN Suggests, as well, they had been doing so well in their first week?? I just find it odd that only 1 of 4 would be showing nute burn, but I suppose it might be time to take out a gallon or so and replace with water to bring the PPMs down.

    Also, these are Clones, and I have been reading a few threads now that suggest they are the same age as the mother, and would also want to feed as such. What are your thoughts on this?? I found it interesting.

  20. well..i still treat them as new plants...for the simple fact of a new root system that has to develop....are you using ro?

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