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  1. This is my 1st DWC grow, I have grown using hydro in coco before but I'm curious about water temps in a DWC system. My temps are currently sitting about 1-2 degrees C below my room temps, which are 25-26 lights on and 21-22 lights off. Will this effect the plants/roots much? I know root growth can suffer with high water temps but how high are we talking? I'm thinking I might have to purchase a chiller but I'm not in the best situation to be spending that kind of money just now unless I really do have to. Any info from you more experienced growers would be appreciated.

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  2. Any thing above 23.8 is bad imo. Higher the temps the less oxygen the water can hold. Makes it a lot easier to get root rot as this will kill good micro organisms and allow pathogens to live and thrive. Your plants will perform poorly compare to 60-70f temps I'm Dwc.

    Ebb and flow you can get away with higher temps, but not in dwc imo.
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  3. Thanks for your reply, looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get myself a chiller then. My babies are small at the min with only the tap root in the solution so hopefully won't have caused too much of an issue just yet.

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  4. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. This is how the girls are looking at the min. The last 1 appears to be getting a slight curling in the leaf, I'm not sure what this is down to. I ordered myself a chiller this morning. Everything else is perfect I the room so I couldn't see the pint in slacking on the water temps side.

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  6. what kind of chiller did you buy? could you link to a decent but inexpensive one? i may need to find another way to exhaust the heat off the light bulb using an old exhaust fan from a bathroom and the AC cool reflector (may either duct down into the floor or up and let the carbon filter suck it up from the high hot air.

    does the chiller go inside the reservoir or inline somehow with the pump? also do you have any advice for how i could lower my temps more? is an average of 84-86 highest during the day bad? or with plants and 20 gallons of water will that even out? i have lots of air flow that certainly isn't a problem, and clean filtered air as well.
  7. I bought a hailea hc150 it's wasn't 2 cheap at £270 but from what I've read their good value for money and well worth the investment. It goes inline, mine is direst lay after the pump so cool water goes straight into each bucket then re circulates round, I have noticed a big difference in my girls since installing they looked a heat stressed before but now look good and healthy. I would advise dropping your water temps if possible, from my recent experience it really does make a difference.

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