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  1. First time doing hydro, been a long time soil grower. Using the flora nutrient series. I got a feeding chart from my local hydroponics shop and the numbers seem extreme. I don't want to burn my plants. My system is 40 gallons. Using there recommended amounts I feel it's going to destroy my plants. What should I do? Attached is the full feeding chart from start to harvest.

    I am in week 2 of veg started with clones. Roots just hit the water. They recommend ppm 1050-1350
    Floramicro 7.5ml/gal
    Floragro 10ml/gal
    Florabloom 2.5ml/gal

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  2. I start out my early veg at 200 ppm and work them up to around 450-600 there’s a pinned link in the top that helps with determining your plants preferred strength from there I don’t know how to link posts here
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  3. Don’t go beyond 800/900ppm imho

    that’s plenty of food, the directions are very hi and not needed at full strength
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  4. Both posts above are spot on. Try to use the same nutrient ratios as the chart recommends for feedings, but on a much more diluted level. A Ppm pen will be your best friend when it comes to hydro.

    Make sure you get accurate ph readings as well. I personally don’t trust pens and only use drops. Pens aren’t completely accurate and it’s pretty hard to f**k up drops.

    Keep us updated throughout the grow I’ll sub along

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