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  1. Hi new to site. have been running a large 60lt rdwc bubbler. have one girl white widow max she is like a tree. When went to12/12 found that i had to drop ec right down from 1.2 to 0.6 to stop buds becoming very dry and leafs curling. She is back on track now but as she did not do muchfor 10 days think it will effect end result.
    Does this seem a low EC and what do other peopel run the eC at for a dwc. Any dwc feeding advice would be great
    many thansk
  2. First off, welcome to GrassCity.. :wave:

    When I ran White Widow, I was in an Ebb&Gro site system, but I set my flowering EC around 1.5 to 1.7..

    But 3-400 ppm is way low IMO..
    I know you cannot run your ppm as high in DWC as you can using flood and drain..
    But again, .6 is really low for flowering IMO...
  3. Hi
    yes ive grown in ebb and flow with white widow max at simlar ECs but she jsut does not want to go above 0.6 in DWC, she seems to be doing fine at 0.6 but my head saysEC to low.

  4. Ya my head says EC too low as well....

    There are a LOT of other factors which fall into play here too..
    Chamber temp & humidity, nutrient temp, pH, what nutrients you're using, how close your lights are to the plants, etc. etc. etc.

    Look at the system as a whole, because something else could be causing her not to be able to take a normal EC...
  5. Thier all good niutreint temp consent 20c in tub day temp 24c night 19.5c air cooled light 16inches away, 60rh, plenty of bubbles no light leaks . Would be good if some one who runs dwc would comment, also found some where ww max described as nute sensitive. There was also some one on a dif forum sayinging they never went above 0.7. in DWC .Supose the proof will be in the pudding in four weeks time.
    thansk for your time
  6. Those pudding cures don't work the way people say they do, I'd be careful with that one.
  7. Hi not sure waht else to do will try and ease up again next nute change, Is drinking equal nut to water, would be good to hear from a exsprienced DWCer.

  8. Well if it's using nute and water at the same rate, and then you have a stable pH..
    I'm going to say your pretty much on target, maybe bump it a little so you get a slight climb in EC (with the daily water replenish brings your EC back in range)..

    That's what I have always shot for in any system....
  9. Hi thanks for that, when topping every two days im adding only half strength nuts, wich over all drops EC a litle each top up. dose this sound right or should i be bringing back p to 0.6.

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