RDWC Bucket Size?

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  1. I've grown in FF soil and also in coco. I'm thinking about moving to a RDWC setup... I already ordered a 1/4 water chilling, and 2" uniseals. Now I'm just trying to get the rest of my supplies. To get to my question, I'm debating on whether to go with eight 8 gallon square buckets vs eight standard 5 gallon round buckets in a 4x8 tent. Any pros, cons, difference in using one over the other other than cost? I'll be vegging for appox a month if that makes a difference..
  2. Square buckets fit better
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  3. On a average day my plants in flowering use a easy 3 to 4 gallons of water per day .
    Picture the plants roots in your grow container , my plants take up 3 to 5 gallons of space inside the grow container .
    On a hot day my plants in flowering can use up to 8 gallons or more of water.
    Personally I don't wish to check the water every day or twice a day.
    I grow medium to large plants for a 4x8 tent ….
    My personal opinion is a 5 gallon bucket isn't a big enough reservoir to grow certain sized plants .
    I say this because I like taking off for several days at a time and don't wish to have to have some one come in and take care of my plants .
  4. Square buckets are easier to drill out the holes and allow you to get better seals with all the fittings. I always use them for RDWC setups purely for that reason.
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  5. I have to post these photos .
    I know there are successful growers using 5 gallon buckets.
    I used a areoponic system where I grew inside a square plastic 5 in x 5in fence post .
    The roots got to big and made the system dysfunctional .
    Now I am growing in 20 and 30 gallon totes
    My system is successful but it does require allot of RO water .. 20190601_103216.jpg 20190601_103443.jpg 20190601_103426.jpg
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  6. I think that it will come down to what size plants you intend on growing, for example, if you're growing an autoflower variety, you may be fine with a 5 gallon bucket. But if, instead, you plan on doing photoperiods or intend on growing tree sized plants, you'll certainly want to go with the 8 gallon container. Generally speaking, larger is usually better when it comes to root space. Choose whichever will fit into your grow space and grow style the best. :) Make sure you've plenty of vertical space as well!
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